Monday, July 16, 2012

Seattle Paper "Digs" Romney

Interesting story from the Seattle PI. The Seattle PI is the more liberal of the two major newspapers in the Seattle area, the other being the Seattle Times which could be considered more middle of the road. Worth noting is that the Seattle PI ceased publishing an actual newspaper, with only an online version, a few years ago while the Times continues with both print and lonline versions.

In the story linked above, it seems that a Super-PAC is trying to smear one of the democrats running for Congress. In an interesting twist, the Super-PAC supports the rival democrat candidate.

The most interesting aspect of the story (IMO) is the dig at Mitt Romney, who has no dog in this fight what-so-ever. As a liberal rag, the PI just could resist putting in this little bit.

The slick mailings have made largely untrue claims about DelBene’s business record. She is a former vice president at Microsoft who resigned as state revenue director to make her second bid for Congress. The latest tries to make DelBene look like Mitt Romney. (Emphasis mine, says PACNW Righty)

Very curious that the PI doesn’t even bother to say mention that the charges leveled against Romney by the Obama administration regarding Romney, Bain Capital, and the Salt Lake City Olympics have proven to be false.

Maybe they were trying to say DelBene looks and acts presidential? But then again, maybe not?