Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Obama-Logic, Not Good

Could you imagine what would happen to the democrat party if people just used their brains instead of allowing their emotions to get the better of them at every turn?

Just today Barak the Magnificent signed an executive order regarding “equal” pay for women. He made it easier for women to sue their company for perceived gaps in pay based on gender and made it illegal for companies to fire workers for making salaries of coworkers public (I know that is not what was written but that is what will happen).

And of course he had to turn it political, threatening Republicans by saying “This is about Republicans seemingly opposing any efforts to even the playing field for working families.” See how he did that? Made it seem like we hate everything about people who have to work for a living. And it plays right to the emotions of people who for whatever reason choose not to think things through.

First of all it should be obvious that we Republicans don’t hate working folks. Good Grief, most of us ARE working folks. By Obama-logic only rich white people could ever possibly vote Republican. And the low information, emotion-driven voter buys into to this Obama-logic. All these people need to do is stop and think for less than 5 minutes to see how this logic really doesn’t make any sense.  How is it possible for Republicans to ever win an election if we are nothing but rich white people? Aren’t those the people who populate the 1% Occupy Whatever were going all kinds of nuts over a couple years back? If we are only 1% how on earth could we ever win an election?

 I have been a life-long Republican and have worked all my life. I have never been and probably will never be rich from a monetary perspective. But for some reason, because I vote Republican, I must be some sort of rich dude.

Secondly, if these folks would ever take a few minutes and use real logic instead of Obama-logic, they would see this whole discussion about the supposed gender gap in pay is nothing more than tricky use of statistics and smoke and mirrors.

I currently work in a well paying blue-collar field of which there are very few women. In my area of “expertise” there is only one woman out of more than 500 people. And interestingly enough she is paid the same as all of us guys, as long as she works the same about as us guys. I don’t know her very well so I can’t say whether she does or doesn’t. But she has the same opportunity as the rest of us. In other fields within the company (in my region) I can count on one had the number of females I have seen.


Before working on the railroad, I drove a truck. And while driving a truck doesn’t pay as well as railroading, it isn’t terrible, especially if you are willing to put in the time and the miles. Again, the number of female truck drivers is low. While more women drive trucks than work on the railroad, it certainly doesn’t reflect society at large (roughly 50/50 split). And women are paid the same. There isn’t a “males mileage pay” table and a “females mileage pay” table. A woman that puts in 1,500 miles a week is going to earn the same as a male.


Finally, before the above endeavors I was in the military (27+years). Decent pay, excellent benefits (especially for young families), good promotion opportunities. There are more women in the military than truck drivers or railroaders, but again, it doesn’t come close to reflecting society at large. Pay in the military is strictly based on your rank and your time in the service, NOTHING else.


The one common factor in all of these examples, other than decent pay and lack of female contributors, is education requirements. Other than a high school education, these jobs don’t require more to get your foot in the door. Fields that typically attract female employees such as retail and food service don’t come close those areas mentioned above.


Of course there is going to be a pay gap. If men go towards the jobs mentioned above (as well as longshoremen, other transportation jobs, construction, etc.) and women head towards retail and food service there is going to be a pay gap.


See how I used logic, not Obama-logic.