Thursday, October 25, 2012

Retraction? Not Likely

Through my e-mail I receive "cheat sheets" from various news organizations filled with links from around the web. As you might imagine, most of them are from the conservative side of the spectrum. But in order to keep a pulse of the left side of the aisle I also receive these daily updates from a few left-leaning organizations.

One of those is the Daily Beast. Oh, they try to pass themselves off as a balanced purveyor of news tidbits, but all one has to do is read what they send and it doesn't take too long to figure their objectives and agenda.

The other day the Daily Beast provided a link to a news story at USA Today about how a woman, in Louisiana, who happened to be black, was set on fire and her car deface with "KKK" on the hood. This woman receive burns over 60% of her body. A real tragedy. It didn't take long for the race hustlers to let loose with cries of racism, targeted mostly at the Tea Party and those who beleive in limited government and would like Preisdent Obama to be a one-termer.

Dem Donor Shows True Colors

I guess when you try to be the all-inlcusive party you are going to get a few nut-jobs.

The woman referred in the link article is referred to as the crazy lady in some circles, is a big democrat contributor in both local and national level elections. She has given over $60,000 to democrats running in local elections here in Washington State and she has also given money to the Obama campaign.

Not only is she a dem contributor, but apparently, if you judge by her recent statements, she is also quite the anti-Catholic bigot.

Michelle Malkin has the full story and related links here.

UPDATE: I have removed the individual's name because she has a history of taking people to court and I don't want to be one of her victims.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trucking Images Four

These next images are a little closer to home and taken after I had been given my own truck. These are taken from good views points at a few locations that I found interesting.

These images were taken on I-82 between Yakima and Ellensburg, WA. While the decent isn't terribly steep, that it traverses the side of the slope, giving a wonderful the whole way down is what makes it interesting to me. I took these from a veiw point at the top.

Trucking Images Three

This group of images was also taken last Feb, only now we are in Montana.

This is on the road from Cut Bank to Kalispell.

Note the mountains to the right.  This is Glacier National Park. Very nice.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trucking Images Two

This next series of photos was also taken on a California trip.

I spent part of my childhood in northern Cali in a city called Redding. Was there from 4th grade through the beginning of 9th grade. We did a lot of great things there; Camped, fished, hiked, etc. While I do bash on California A LOT (and deservedly so), I really did enjoy my time in Redding. Keep in mind that when I was there it was before the majority of the people in California got stupid and started electing people like Jerry Brown (the first time), or taxing the snot out everything that did and didn't move.

I also learned to ski there. I think it was the Christmas of my 7th grade year. That year my "Santa" present was a complete package of lessons, ski rentals, lift tickets, and transportation to and from the mountain. The mountain I learned to ski is featured in this next group of images.

This first grouping was taken from the north side of Mt Shasta, just after leaving Yreka, CA. This area is one of my favorite areas on the face of the planet. These images don't do it justice. Even though California has been governed by stupid people for the past 35 years I would live here in a heart beat, if my lovely bride would agree to it, which she won't. I like the million mile and dollar views. I have priced real estate here and it really isn't too bad.

Done Truckin'

Well, there is some good news from PACNW Righty. I will be changing jobs. I will no longer be a truck driver.

However, I will be staying in the transportation industry.

While the hours of this job really won't be any better than driving a truck, the pay is certainly better.

My time on the road was interesting to say the least. It was not a job I really enjoyed. Too much time away from home for too little pay. While I won't be fixing the time away from home issue, the pay issue will be solved. One thing I discovered; while I drove a truck for a living, but would not consider myself a trucker. For all the men and women who do this for a living, are good at it, and enjoy it, my hat is off to you!

While I was out on the road I was able to take a few images from time to time. I will post a few of those in the tonight. the one very positive thing I will say about trucking is that the view from my "office" couldn't be beat.

These first and second series of images were taken while I was in training. During this period my trainer and I were what was called a team. Basically this meant the truck was constantly moving other than for fuel and other quick stops. The images were taken while my trainer was at the wheel and I was getting ready to bunk down in the sleeper.

This first group was taken last Feb as we were making our way to California. We hit snow just south of Roseburg, OR and had to chain up a couple of times as we climbed and decended a series of mountain passes with the highest at just over 4,000 feet.

Right after we chained up and getting ready to head over the first pass

Decending the final pass into California. We have just crossed over the highest point on Interstate-5. Please excuse the blue color on this and the next image, I was trying to get artsy. As you can tell "artsy" is NOT a strong suit.

The Big Shutdown

Ya just gotta wonder when the Chevy Volt hits will finally stop.

First it was the spontanous combustion, then it was the melting power cords. Now it seems there to be this tiny little problem of the volt shutting down for no apparent reason. Well, other than piss-poor engineering, no apparent reason.

If a burned down garage sin't enough. And if a pool of melted rubber isn't enough. Well then, I guess Your Volt shutting down in the middle of traffic should convince all you greenies out there that the Volt really is the car for you. Here's hoping that your Volt shuts down while on the way to the polls next week.

These are the kinds of things that happen when a technology that isn't ready for prime time is forced upon the American public by an administration that is trying to kill the coal, gas, and oil industry.

Public saftey be damned, there are trees and unicorns to save.

BTW: thanks Doug.

Lefty Civility

Back when I first started this blog about two years ago I gave some thought to having a section or a separate blog detailing just how civl the left can be when it comes to politics. This was during the tragedy in Arizona when then-Rep Giffords was shot along with several others, including six dead. We all recall how the left-wing blogs exploded with accusations towards the right/Tea Party, including specifically naming Sarah Palin as a primary culpurit, for espousing violent rhetoric.

As we soon found out, the Arizona shooter was more left-leaning than he was to the right.

Anyway, I really thought hard about putting this separate blog together when Deb over ar "Nice Deb" decided that was exactly what she was going to do. She and exchanged a couple of e-mails on the matter and seeing that she was much better organized than I could ever hope to be I thought it was best just to leave this project to her.

Her blog is called "Moonbattracker" and I hope it is in your list of favorites.

This recent story needs to be highlighted. Seems that a son of a Wisconson Senator was beaten for trying to keep some Obama supporters from destroying some Romney signs. Deb has the full story with images and other links.

I also received an email form a good friend of mine who is spending his retirement on the road with his lovely wife. The email contained a link to an interesting story that further highlights the civility of the left. Apparently there are many on the left that think threatening riots and assassinations if Romney is elected is wonderful political discourse. Reader warning, some of what has been displayed within the linked story is quite graphic. Deb has also put this story on her Moonbat Tracker blog. Some of these people are quite disturbed.

Ah yes, the civility of the left just continues to amaze me.

Friday, October 12, 2012

You Didn't Build That!!

I know the events that inspired the making of this video are dated but I couldn’t resist putting it up. Thanks Denny!

Joe Bein' Joe

A few years ago, while deployed to Iraq, I had the opportunity to meet VP Biden. I was doing a late morning workout at the gym and in walks this guy wearing a baseball cap while in Army PT gear. Not only did this guy have a hat on but he was wearing it backwards. Although I was not in the Army (USAF-Retired), I had been posted to many Army support assignments throughout my career (AF provides some specialized support) and had been in combat with them a few times. Hence, I had a working knowledge of what is and isn’t permissible with respect to the wear of the Army PT uniform. Hats are verboten, even those worn backwards.

As I approached the guy to provide guidance on the prpper wear of a military uniform, thinking he might be Army Guard due to his age, I realized that I recognized him. Took me a moment to place him but once I did, I was actually pretty excited. I have always though Joe Biden would be a great guy to share a few brews with and talk about football, fast cars, and faster women. Everyone is aware that Uncle Joe can say some pretty outrageous things and what better way to loosen an already loose tongue that with a beer or two.  Never would I vote for the guy, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t tip back a cold one with the guy and swap a few lies.

After getting a chance to talk with him for a while I began to realize that he was a little weird. He was certainly affable enough and was quite friendly, even after I told him Obama was pretty far down my list (He asked). All I can really relay to you was just having a weird feeling after I walked away. Until yesterday I have never been able to put my finger on it. I just recall thinking this dude was one missed heartbeat away from the Presidency and not liking it one bit. And truthfully, it wasn’t politics.

After last night’s debate, this feeling returned, and this time that weird feeling crystallized. The guy is a goober, plain and simple. How else does one explain laughing while serious points about Libya, where four Americans were murdered, are being made by Congressman Ryan? While Obama got absolutely crushed in Denver last week, at least he remained somewhat professional. Biden was clearly off his rocker. After the debate (actually about half way through) I decided that sharing a beer with this goofball was no longer on my bucket list.

Other than the obvious, the one thing I took away from this debate was how cool Ryan was under pressure. It was mildly surprising that Ryan didn’t reach across the table and slap the dude on the back of the head. I know I wouldn’t have been able to constrain myself.

Here is a recap of “Joe bein’ Joe” from the RNC.