Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Four Kinds of Amnesty

Over the years there has been a long struggle to deal with 12 million plus illegal aliens. Back in 1986 Reagan made his biggest mistake of his Presidency. He granted amnesty to a couple million illegals with the promise of enforcing border security. That border security did not happen and now we are deal with millions more.

In this attached article there are four basic methods of dealing with this issue.

For those of you who followed this blog over the years probably know where I stand. For those who are unsure, option #3 is where I stand.

One the one end of the spectrum is amnesty with no questions asked and no pre-conditions. This where most progressives are at and apparently many business owners as evidenced by the Chamber of Commerce stance on Rubio' s gang of eight amnesty plan from a few years back.

On the other end is the round em up and ship em back. I know there are some out there who will not agree with me on this but I really don't think the Trump stance is doable. The logistics behind rounding up 12-20 million illegals would be daunting at best. And I know some of my progressive friends won't believe it but I do have some compassion. I think the human toll would be more than we might be prepared to pay.

That compassion and that they ARE here illegally causes me to bend towards option #3.

I think this option will cause self deportation. If the jobs aren't there they just won't stay.

I have heard the argument that the illegals do the jobs we won't do. I say BS to that. Growing up in the late 1970's I worked at many of the jobs now dominated by illegals. At 14 I picked strawberries and other summer fruits. Over the next few years I bused tables, cleaned up at construction sites, pulled weeds and mowed lawns, and washed dishes. With teenage unemployment over 20% and twice as high in some segments there wouldn't be a shortage of available employees. If businesses have trouble getting these teenagers to take these jobs, then they will HAVE to offer higher wages. No government intervention necessary. And we have to stop Molly-coodling these kids. No, washing dishes or pulling weeds is not below your station in life.

Building the "wall" is imperative. We must have border security. This might cause liberal heads to explode but folks from other countries do not have a right to come here without following the law. And to turn the tables a little, if these illegals voted conservative liberals would be demanding deportation and the wall. And before you liberals say that is the only reason most conservatives want the wall is because most illegals vote democrat I remind you the Chamber of Commerce supported the gang of eight amnesty bill. The Chamber of Commerce is a very conservative group.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Post Debate Thoughts

Didn't get to watch the debate live this time around, only able to catch several highlights so the synopsis will not be as through as the previous.

From all reports Carly knocked it out of the park. She had specifics, was well spoken, and did her best to steer clear of Trump. I will have to say that she needs to stop saying "I started out as a secretary..." It getting a little worn out. But I do like her. In any other state than California, she could have beaten Boxer. But then again, only California would have voted FOR Boxer.

Trump continues to defy logic. I completely understand why he has the attraction that he does. He is speaking for the MULTIPLE millions who have no voice, or who are being ignored by the elites in DC. This country voted the Republicans the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014 (not to mention the huge shift in state level governments) and still not a damn thing is being done. He is the voice. Maybe it's not terribly artistic in delivery, but it still resonates. But his performance last night is probably his nadir. But I said that the last time. I really do have my troubles with him. We sent somebody who was "cool" to the White House 7 years ago and look how well that has turned out.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Progressives and "1984"

Way back when, a professor suggested we read the book "1984". He said this is what America would look like under Reagan and Republican government. His intention was to later debate the finer points of the book, compare thought processes, and to embarrass those of us who lean conservative.  I read the book. It was an extremely interesting book, although I could not for the life of me see why he felt Reagan was going to usher an era outlined in Orwell's book. If there was any sort of "danger" from Reagan it was Christian in nature. Reagan most certainly felt we were beginning to lose our moral compass. But he also knew that legislating morality was not possible. Nothing in Orwell's book mentioned religion, at least not in the form most of us understand it. Although the later debate was decidedly one-sided (I got smoked. 20 years my senior, he had the advantage), I think I did OK for someone who had barely cracked 20.

In the book, you were not allowed to have a divergent thought from the official (government) party line. The press was no longer the "forth estate", separate from the government. The press only reported what the government wanted them to report. Religion in the form we know it today was outlawed, you were to worship the state. If you stepped outside the lines determined by an all seeing, all knowing government, you were destroyed, financially, personally, and publically. A very small number of people were in charge and determined what the official policy was and how to merit punishment.  How close are we to that today?

In just the past couple of years, people have been destroyed for having a thought or action that a very limited number of people have determined are not worthy of respect. If you don't believe in global warming/cooling/climate change you are investigated and ostracized. If you try to point out that there has been absolutely no change in temperatures in more than 15 years or that nearly all the baseline data was fraudulent, you called heartless and want children to drink dirty water and breathe dirty air. If you don't support same sex marriage due to heart felt religious views you will have your business destroyed and in some cases, your life ruined.

Just this week, the state of Oregon has decided to utterly ruin the lives of a family. http://townhall.com/columnists/davidlimbaugh/2015/04/28/puffedup-leftist-tyranny-punishes-dissenters-n1991139/page/2  The same sex marriage crowd and those in government who kow-tow to them weren't happy that a family business was closed. Nope, these people must be ground into the ground for all to see. The government of Oregon has decided to fine this couple $135,000.00 for not having the proper thoughts. The business isn't being fined (it doesn't exists), but the family will be expected to pay for this out of their personal funds. Anyone out there NOT think this was a message to all of those out there who don't support same sex marriage the same thing WILL happen to you. You will be destroyed if you do not follow the "proper" thought as determined by a small number of people. As an aside: Whatever happened to the philosophy of live and let live that supporters of same sex marriage said was all they wanted?
And I'm so tired of being called a racist because I think President Obama is a lousy President. I thought Carter sucked too, but no one ever accused me of hating southerners, or naval officers, or peanut farmers, or people from Georgia.

Do you notice a trend here? Although I'm fairly certain it was not Orwell's intention, he certainly does a great job of describing today's progressive.