Friday, March 1, 2013

Great Speech

Obviously I haven't blogged in quite some time. Been busy with the new job and a bit upset over the turn of events in this country.

I ran across this video on Legal Insurrection. Here is the link to the blog itself. I am going to post the video here.

Really too bad for the people of Virgina that he did not win the Senate seat last November. But I guess there are more takers in Virginia, one of the original 13 Colonies/States, than there are freedom-lovers.

Many I can convince him to move to Washington. While most tend to vote liberal out here, it is quite possible the voters of WA, who tend to be a bit more pragmatic, would send this guy to the Senate.

Another interesting tidbit about WA. We have one of the most favorable CCW laws in the nation. This seems at odd in a state that keeps sending Cantwell and Murray to the Senate and elects democrat Governors one right after the other (proving that you CAN'T teach an old dog new tricks).