Monday, June 25, 2012

Obama Tells SCOTUS - Screw You

Well, not actually those words.

This administration gets more and more lawless at every turn.

I won’t even begin to recap all of the steps outside the Constitution Obama and those who work for him have taken during the 3.5 years he has been in office. Rather, I will point you here for a decent rundown.

Now we have them basically telling the SCOTUS to take a long walk off a short pier.

Today, the SCOTUS ruled that a good chunk of Arizona’s Illegal Immigrant law (which mirrors the Federal law) was unconstitutional. Won’t rehash the details here, but it basically boiled down to the states stepping on federal toes. However, they did allow the teeth of the law to stay put. That will allow Arizona law enforcement officers (LEOs) to question, and check, the immigration status of folks they come in contact with during contact (speeder pulled over can have their immigration status checked).

So what does the Obama Administration do? Within hours of the SCOTUS releasing their decision on the Arizona law Department of Homeland Security tell their enforcement agencies not to cooperate with Arizona LEOs on matters pertaining to immigration status checks. This will make the efforts of local agencies to conduct immigration checks nearly impossible since the databases of that kind of information is under federal jurisdiction.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, DHS officials in Arizona have been directed no to respond to the scene of a state or local stop or a similar law enforcement encounter upon the requests from state and local police officers for assistance in enforcing immigration laws unless the individual meets DHS enforcement priorities – is a convicted criminal, has been removed from the US previously and reentered unlawfully or is a recent border crosser. (Source: KPHO)

Beyond unbelievable. This group has decided that as long as they are in office, they will use any means necessary to achieve their unconstitutional goals. They continue to further divide this nation with each and every unconstitutional act.

I will be real curious to see what the response will be if the SCOTUS declares Obama unconstitutional. Will Obama use another Executive Order to make an attempt to overrule the SCOTUS decision?

I also wonder if Obama and his crew see the writing on the wall as to how much longer they have in office. Are they making these moves, knowing full well their time is short and they want to do as much damage as they possibly can before it all over in Jan 2013?  What more is in store before the year is up?

Matthews Is An Idiot

I can’t understand how anyone who is supposed to be smart enough to be on TV to commentate on events can really be this stupid.

But the more I think about it the more the realization burns through that it really isn’t stupidity on his part that makes him say things like this. It is the people his is talking to. Matthews can say things like this knowing full well that no one in his audience will bother to check the truth of the charges he is making. Actually, he is playing it smart.

Does he bother to mention that the framers of the Constitution put mechanisms in place to get rid of slavery? While he does mention the 13 Amendment, he discusses it like it was done to overcome the mistakes of the Founding Fathers, rather than using the amendment process, which founders put in the Constitution for just such a situation.

Of course, there is no way he would mention that it was the democrats who tried to filibuster the Civil Rights Amendments. Nor would he bother to mention that Republicans were to ones to lead the charge to get the Amendments passed in the first place. And would he mention that it was a Republican President who wrote the Emancipation Proclamation that actually freed the slaves. And lest we forget, it was democrats who wrote nearly all of the Jim Crow laws that essentially put blacks back on the plantations.

But Matthews can say all of these things because he knows that the VERY few people who watch him will not bother to check his statements. They will blindly believe whatever he says and take it as gospel that it was Republicans/Conservatives who are/were the racists.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Liberal Rag Posts Allen West’s Home Address,Picture

Liberal Rag Posts Allen West’s Home Address,Picture

This kind of thing really bothers me a lot. Why would someone post the address of a Congressman other than to put that person's life in danger. I do like the point made at the link. Did the jacka$$ consider that he might very well be putting Rep West's family in danger?

Does Mr. Obama Disrespect the US Flag?

Of course this was NOT reported in the lame stream media but it appears that our First, ahem, Lady, Michelle Obama completely and utterly disrespect the US Flag.

Lip readers have said that it appears that she is saying “All of this for a flag.”

I think what bothers me even more was the response from her husband. He smiles grimly and nods. Almost as if he is agreeing with her stance on the matter.

From the “For the first time I am proud to be an American”, to the “clinging to their guns and religion” comments and his initial refusal to wear the US flag lapel pin and his startling lack of ability to connect with US Troops we keep getting reminds of just how far off the main stream this guy really is.

Why the upcoming election is even close right now is beyond me. I do understand why there is a segment of our country that will vote for this guy no matter what he does. But for all you middle of the roaders out there who just want to live your lives, standing on your own two feet, it completely baffles me why you’d even consider voting for this guy once more.

Someone Is Really Upset

Very good “Afterburner” from Bill Whittle.

Follow the Ideology basically makes a very compelling case why President Obama and US Attorney General Holder developed and/or allowed Operation Fast and Furious to happen.

There is no question the dude is pissed.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Women are Women (And I Love It)

I know that most of my readers are fans of Patrice over at Rural Revolution. In fact, most of you probably came from there when Patrice was kind enough to provide me with some linkage.

If you are a fan of hers, then you certainly read her article on WND regarding equal pay. I would like to add a few observations from my point of view on this subject matter.

I really think she hits the spot and the evidence she provides is empirical fact. I know that when I have held discussions on this subject matter with my left-wing mother, these facts tend to bring the topic to a close because she can’t refute them. Facts are stubborn things.

But I would also like to add my own thoughts based on many years of experience. As you are aware, I spent a long time in the service of this great nation (it was an honor). And my observations are based on this time. I would also like to add these thoughts are my own, and in no way official military policy or stance. Not that military officials would touch this with a ten foot pole, but I felt I needed to add this to keep my butt out of sling (even though I am now retired).

Friday, June 1, 2012

Walesa Persona-non-Grata

This is rather stunning.

A guy who could be considered the father of modern day Poland is considered to political to be a visitor to the Obama White House.

Way back in the bad old days of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain there was an electrician who led many, many protest against Soviet occupation and the corrupt Communist Polish government. For his efforts he was arrested many times. He led a movement, Solidarity, that could be given as much credit for the end of the Soviet Union as President Reagan’s policies. He was a labor union leader.

Leah Walesa was deemed to political to be seen in the White House.

Polish leadership had requested Walesa accept Medal of Freedom on behalf of Jan Karski. But they were rejected. Too political.

So, still think Obama is a great foreign policy president? In a matter of a few days Obama and his staff utterly piss off an entire nation of 38 million. First to break was the snafu of calling the Nazi concentration camps “Polish death camps”. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that. I mean, let’s face it, Obama is only as good of a speaker as his speech writers are. If he speech writers are not willing to do a tad bit of research, we can’t expect Obama to do any better. Jeez, that is what staffs are for. As a leader (and I am not calling Obama a leader), you expect your staff to make you look good. You hire people you expect will cover your backside. But this was a mistake of his staff, not of Obama’s.

But to turn down Lech Walesa, a union leader for goodness sake, is just plain bad form. But I guess they had to weigh his union activities with the fact that Walesa helped bring down the Soviet Union, a form of government many in the Obama administration undoubtedly admire.

Unemployment Ticks Up

The May unemployment numbers are in and they are not good. Only 69,000 jobs were created which was well off the “expected” 125,000+ thought. And the unemployment rate rose started to move upwards once again to 8.2%.

All in all, not good news for President Obama with an election only a few short months away. So far, Obama has presided over a very weak economic recovery, probably one of the weakest recoveries ever. Even during the dark days of the Great Depression, once we started to come out of it in 1935-1936, recovery numbers were much better than this. Of course, with unemployment near 30% any upward movement was good.

The question now becomes whether Romney can articulate his vision into something the voters will relate to. Can he convince voters that he is the answer to the problems in the economy? Most of you know that I am not a Romney fan, but I am firmly planted in the “anyone but Obama” camp. I am concerned of his flip-flops on several issues such as the 2nd Amendment and his “evolving” stance on abortion. But I cannot question his experience when it comes to what matters most to folks right now and that is his business acumen.

I really don’t think Obama has a clue how to recover this economy. His socialist views on the world and how to make things work doesn’t really work well in getting a stagnant economy running once again. He has tried clean energy and that has failed terribly. Almost a trillion dollars thrown into the pit of Solyndra and other companies with nothing but bankruptcy and job losses to show for it. Locking away mineral resources that could provide jobs by the hundreds of thousands and reduce our reliance on terrorist-sponsoring governments. Energy prices that are expected to skyrocket over the next few years as the EPA puts crippling regulations into force.  And don’t forget Obama Care. Not exactly the recipe for job and economic growth.

But Obama sure does look good and speaks well (as long as the teleprompter is working) and isn’t that all that matters?

If I have any liberal readers out there, could you please provide any form of rebuttal. Please give us examples of what “The Chosen Once” has done that has been good for the economy. But before you go down the stimulus road as your example, please remember that nearly all of that money was wasted paying off favored donors and pet projects. The sex habits of grizzly bears and the aforementioned Solyndra fiasco isn’t exactly what an economic recovery is made of. And he himself has said that projects weren’t exactly “shovel ready.”