Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Global Warming at it Again

The California Sierra Nevada Mountains has experienced near record snowfall totals this year (h/t: Drudge Report). So far, 61 feet of snow has fallen, just four feet shy of the record of 65 feet set in the winter of 1950-51.

Ski resorts are also seeing records broken. With 605 inches of snowfall this season Mammouth Mountain has smashed their previous record of 579 inches. This does not include April which sees an average of about 33 inches.

Snowfall in the Sierra’s is at times feast or famine.  One year they could see eight feet of total snowfall, then the next year see over 40 feet.  There is no question California has experienced a drought over the last few years. But this is not unusual.  During the height of global cooling (1960’s-1970’s), the Sierra’s experienced less than normal snowfall totals for at least three straight years, and only exceeded average three out of eight years.  During the recent California drought actual snowfall totals exceeded average six times over a 10 year period.  And in the last three years, the snowfall totals were more than 100 inches over average each year.

As for the Global Warming excuse I have a feeling that OwlGore and his group will be sure to say “See, Global Warming is happening, how else do you explain the record snowfalls”.  Never mind they had also blamed the California drought on Global Warming (See here and here).  When it is hot, blame global warming, when it is cold, blame global warming, when is doesn’t rain, blame global warming, when it does rain, blame global warming.  So basically, they have all bases covered.  Back in the day, we used call this “weather” over the short period and climate over the long period.

BTW: Governor Jerry Brown is expected to officially declare the drought over.  Can we do the same with the whole Global Warming scam?


  1. They tried to officially declare Global Warming as being over, but Gore convinced them that the thought of Global Warming being over is just one more by-product of Global Warming

  2. golly har har them dumb ass liberals sure are dumb ass....this is the type of extreme climate change that's been predicted by the warming of the planet

  3. Hey "golly", I don't know if you happened to notice, but the extreme snowfall record for the Sierra's was in 1951, well before all of the global warming hysteria. Plus there is very strong anecdotal evidence that even higher totals accumulate in the late 1880s. Also, the climate extremes that you refer to were not predicted by the global warming crowd. It was all hot weather, less frequent rain, the end of snow in the upper Midwest, more frequent and powerful hurricanes. But when the temps stabilized and started to fall a couple of years ago and hurricane development was below normal over the past few years, the global warming scare-mongers had to do something to remain relevant. Now, instead of hot, and dry, and the end of snow, OwlGore and his crowd are saying all these doggone "extremes" are what we really meant to say would happen.