Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gay Agenda VS. Religious Freedom

Most of you know that I currently work for a class one railroad. Because of this I spend some time in hotels during my travels. This afternoon I was watching the leading sports programming network. During the afternoon they have a series of shows that are opinion oriented. On each of these shows the Arizona law concerning the battle between religious freedom and "gay rights" was a topic of discussion because Arizona is scheduled to host the Super Bowl next year. To a person each of the hosts and their guests felt that the NFL should remove the Super Bowl if Arizona governor doesn't veto this bill. What I found most interesting about how each show presented the topic. Other than one host who briefly mentioned religion not one person mentioned this bill was designed to protect those who feel gay marriage goes firmly against their religious convictions. One show framed the discussion in a way that for someone who was low information made it seem like any business could discriminate for any reason.  I know reporters and the media have firmly planted themselves in th  leftist camp, but this was ridiculous. It seems the there is no low the left won't stoop to for the furtherance of their cause.

Please excuse the scrappy post. I'm doing this on my Kindle and can't even see what I'm typing.