Sunday, September 30, 2012

Presidential "Firsts"

Over at Director-Blue, Doug has been running a post that he updates periodically that highlights all of the “firsts” that have occurred in the ongoing four-year disaster that we call Barack Obama’s first (hopefully only) term as President.

I love this post because it gives you great ammunition to take on those Obama-living liberals. Doug gives you facts, which is something that can completely befuddle a liberal and cause their head to explode. Oh, I’m sorry, was that a violent image? Of course, I am speaking figuratively, not literally. Because if actually exploding heads were really the outcome of fact-based arguments, it would pretty gory out there.

For some reason, the actual page is not loading properly on his site. It could be an issue on my end. So, in the interest of getting this to you I am going put a decent portion here. Hopefully Doug won’t be too upset with me. And here is the link to the entire page just in case it is an issue on my end or Doug is able to fix it.

Because the number of historic “first” keeps expanding by leaps and bounds, Doug has decided to break them down by category. As far as I can tell, this categorization is also a first. Without further ado:


Barack Obama is the first President…

Protest i.e. Break the Law, Get Rewarded

Some of you might recall a post I did regarding a pepper spray incident that occurred at the University of California-Davis. Late last year several Occupy “Something” protesters were peppered-sprayed by UCD cops after the protesters, who were “camping” without a permit, and who refused to depart when told to do so. Initially the event was covered as a point of possible police overstepping their authority. Later, it was discovered the protesters had been asked and warned several times. Furthermore, one of the protesters clearly stated their goal was to get pepper-sprayed by the cops, knowing full well a compliant media would give the protested every benefit of the doubt.

Well, those very same “we are the 99 percent” protesters have won a million dollars from UCD. Read details and commentary here.

Has it really come to this? You break the law, you suffer the consequences, and then you get paid?

And here is another example of being rewarded for breaking the law. Prof. Jacobson has covered this incident rather thoroughly. Take a moment or two to read all.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

True Obama

I know that the vast majority of my readers are not supporters of President Obama. You are conservative minded, and while not necessarily strong supporters of Mitt Romney, you certainly like his ideas much, much more than you like Obama’s.

But occasionally I get a liberal-minded individual who passes through my little section of cyberspace. Some of you stay around for a bit, reading through some of what I have posted. Others see the lead-in banner and disappear, never to come this way again.

In this latter group there is one or two who have Obama-remorse but don’t know quite how to overcome the feelings of guilt or can’t get over the hump of admitting that you might have made a mistake. You are asking yourself, how can a change my vote after supporting this guy four years back. While I can’t put myself in your shoes, I think I can at least empathize with your troubles.

I am here to help you out.

Take a gander at this series of stories posted at the Washington Examiner. I readily admit the Examiner is a right-leaning newspaper (much needed in DC), but this series, while lengthy, does a fairly decent job of balance. Yes, the viewpoint is to the right, no question, but at least it does take the time to cover issue the supposed unbiased main stream media won’t cover.

If these articles don’t give you an idea of who the true Barack Obama really is, then there really is no changing your opinion.

So get a cup of coffee and a doughnut and please take the time to read the articles.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Why Is It Even Close?

Good Grief!

How is it even possible?

Obama: 48%

Romney: 46%

OK, the recent dem convention probably gave President Obama a bump. But how is it that he has ever been ahead in the polls?

I find it very disheartening.

Unemployment is at 8.1%. And this is the rate among those actually LOOKING for work. It does not account for the millions who have basically given up until conditions improve. Real unemployment is closer to 12%.

Think about that number people!

One out every six able body Americans are out of work. In some places like California it is close to every one out of five people can’t find a job.

45 million people are on food stamps. Yes, Barack Obama is the food-stamp president, Al Sharpton and all the other race-hustler be danged.

The number of people “needing” government assistance through the food stamp program has nearly doubled over the past couple of decades, a significant portion of that increase occurring during King Barack’s reign.

The US population is a bit over 300 million. We currently have about 12% of the population on some sort of food stamp program. And while I might have been a bit cheesy in the above sentence regarding folks “needing” government assistance it is a bit odd that the percentage of real unemployed and the number of folks on food stamps dovetails. Related?


For all the folks who posted comments and I didn’t get them up on the blog I have to apologize. I don’t blog like I used to as my trucking job keeps me away from the computer for weeks at a time.

We also experienced a death in the family. My father-in-law passed away suddenly at the beginning of August. Because of his burial wishes services had to be delayed until the end of August.

I am not going to promise more posting because it just isn’t going to happen. But I will continue to try as best as I can. Hopefully, you are already a follower or will become one so you can catch my infrequent updates.