Thursday, February 2, 2012

And They Call Conservatives Racist

As many of you are aware, the left has beaten the drum about how racist and bigoted folks in the Tea Party, conservatives and Republicans are. Maybe they need to take a deeper look at their own party. The video at this link provided is a must see.

Normally I would embed the video, but the language is quite strong.

If there are any liberal or progressives readers of this blog, could you explain why folks who have a conservative leaning in their politics are routinely blanketed with the racist charge yet when one of their own goes on a tirade like this, no one calls them on the carpet.

1 comment:

  1. The racist in the clip is the black man who is so stupid he can't keep his mouth shut for a second and let the lad talk.....No wonder there is such problems in the black community...Herman Cain is black and has had to work, like white people have, to make something of themselves...this black guy spouting his mouth is disgusting and should be an embarrassment to the black community in Memphis and around the country...He should watch Wayne Perryman (Black man) videos about what the truth really is...and he is right there in the Seattle area of the LIBERAL PACNW.
    And, I have mixed grandchildren and they are not being raised up as haters of an color skin....
    thanks for letting me vent....This irks me to no end..
    Love from NC