Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Really Sad

I cannot believe that I live in a country where there are so may people who cannot see the forest throguh the trees. This nation is headed towards a benevolent dicatorship and all people can think about is their damn I-ph0nes and their next latte.

Over the past weeks I have talked with several people who would be considered liberal. I would ask them one question. What has Obama done to deserve another term? Not a soul could answwer that question with anything other than the standard tripe about how it all boils down to Bush's fault.

The press used to call Reagan the teflon President. But he couldn't hold a candle to Obama when it comes to nothing sticking to him. What does it take for these people to change their minds? This guy has two major scandals brewing that would have brought down a Republican. A lesser scandal brought down Nixon. At least the crap that Nixon pulled didn't cost five (and maybe more) American lives. Our economy is in absolute shambles and this guy goes golfing. The engine that runs our economy (samll businesses) have been running scared for four years and as a result they are not hiring. So I guess more of the same can be expected.

I just cannot image what this country is going to look like in four more years after Obama is done. Is gas going to be seven dollars a gallon? Will 7+% unemployment be the new normal? Will our grandmothers and grandfathers receive adequate medical care?

People, I truly fear for our once-great nation. I fear we are going the way of the Romans and England. The 20th Century was the "American Century". The second decade of the 21st Century will be the century history will record as when that "Shining City on the Hill" no longer shined as bright and was no longer the beacon of freedom.

Sorry to be such a downer tonight but I can't help myself. I really do feel as if half of my fellow countrymen/women have decided that greatness no longer matters.


  1. Everyone I have talked to today feels like we have been taken over and the election was a hoax....
    It is the death of a nation that seeks good and the Love of God....The Book of Revelation states that people near the end of the age before Jesus returns on the cloud and the trumpet sounds, in a twinkling of an eye He will have His believers in the cloud with Him..thus the Rapture(Taking away of
    the children of God)and those left on earth will be those who will go through the Rapture (Wrath of God).....if they come to the knowledge of the Truth, that they have been left behind and then choose to believe in Jesus, the only way they will then go to Heaven is to be martyred...HMM....Read the Book of Revelation and it will be all laid out....We are really close to that time, I believe....
    obummer only cares about bringing this country down and he can be king....sad indeed.....
    I feel like I am grieving for the country...
    Thanks for letting me rant away...
    Love from NC

  2. I have found that most people feel duped. I have one colleague that actually said that she voted for Obama (again) because she couldn't stand the way Mitt Romney looked, he "creeped" her out. Nice to know that folks are voting according to their perception of "looks."