Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some Random Thoughts

It has been quite a while since I dropped a not on this page. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive and kicking. Been working hard on the railroad, a job that I have had since last Oct.
Just thought I’d share a few thoughts about the all that has been going on recently.
The government shutdown:
Two things actually on this subject. Never have I ever felt more betrayed by my party than I did with this. It was clear to me that we conservatives had an objective and our elected officials, for the most part, let us down. I hope that John McBackstabber (hard to say about a true war hero) does decide to run for AZ Senator one more time. I’d truly like to see the dude get slapped upside the head in a primary. Cruz for President.
Secondly, what a complete jerk our president is. President intentionally left in lower case because he does not deserve a capitalized President, so petty has he become. I wonder if anyone in his administration said to the idiot it wasn’t a good idea to make 90 year old WWII veterans martyrs. I just can’t imagine there isn’t someone that has his big ol’ ear. There just has to be someone who whispered to him “Sir, not a good idea.”  And if his entire administration is made up of people who have no decency, then we are truly in bigger trouble than many care to contemplate.
How cold-hearted do you have to be to shut down a memorial dedicated to the most revered generation this nation (our any other nation) has ever had. Good God man, these people were in their late 80’s and into their 90’s. Many of them unable to walk.
Administration Corruption.
I really do believe that someday history will look back on this president and his people and lump them with Nixon and Grant as one of the most corrupt administration to ever (dis)grace this nation. From Benghazi, to Fast and Furious, to the IRS targeting of conservatives it would have brought down many other Presidents.
Which brings me to…

The Press.
Back in my college days I spent a year in a journalism program. I wanted to be a sports writer. But even back then, there was an ugly underbelly that was hard to define but was definitely part of the whole process. Probably the most glaring example was an article I wrote as the newspaper editor that supported then nominee Reagan. It certainly wasn’t whole-hog. More along the lines of a new dawn in America. We had been through the corruption and fall of Nixon (and VeeP Agnew just prior). And the malaise that marked both the Ford and Carter administrations. I supported a change in direction. I wanted to see this country back on her feet once again. Carter wasn’t doing it; he was a laughingstock around the world (Remember the Iranian hostage crisis?) and his economic policies were a joke. When I submitted my column to my advisor, he nearly rejected out of hand. He though Carter was doing a great job. And several of my fellow students felt the same way. But I will give credit where credit is due; although he and many of my fellow students didn’t agree with me, I was allowed to run the column. I wonder if I’d even be allowed into the program in this day in age.
The obvious bias in the press for president Obama is unprecedented in the past 100 years. While many past Presidents of the democrat persuasion and democrat policies have received favorable coverage from the press in the past, it was tempered somewhat by a modicum of journalistic integrity. Yes, it is quite true there was no coverage of Kennedy’s extra-marital affairs, and the press kept FDR’s polio condition under wraps, that was more because those subjects were of a personal matter. If either Kennedy or Johnson had made a decision that cost the lives of four Americans or 1000’s of weapons and other devices of war had moved across the border as a matter of policy, the press would have jumped all over those issues. And they would have rightly demanded answers.
But not anymore. They are as guilty in the covering up of these scandals as the president and his minions.
One more thought.
I think I might have covered this issue in a previous post but it bears repeating. As President Bush’s term was wrapping up and the run to replace him was heating up a fellow blogger (actually the editor of a sizeable conservative website) and I began an email exchange regarding what our desires were for our next President.
While I was utterly unhappy with McRino (the term I used back then), I certainly did not want to see Shillary or the up and coming Obummer as President. He argued it might be in our best interest to have a liberal win the election then we could have a conservative awakening. He reasoned that having a President as Liberal as Shillary or Obummer could get people to emerge from their slumber a la 1980. I did not disagree with him on principle. I would love to see another Reagan Revolution. Nothing would have made me happier than to see Rove and McCain and the others retire to their ranches and become elder statesmen. But I feared the changes/damages that could be wrought by a President unhindered by weak (or worse, compliant) Congress. He felt that we needed to see what was behind the liberal curtain/agenda to get people to wake up and change our direction once again.
I tried to point out the amount of damage that could be done in a few short years, especially with a populous engaged in the everyday task of trying to survive the economic collapse. But he felt the damage would be minimal because the people would take charge and demand these liberal changes NOT take place.
Looking back now, I wonder if he has had any second thoughts. I do realize that electing Obama was going to happen. We put up a weak and unelectable candidate in 2008. So really, our discussion was nothing more than smoke in the wind. But I wonder if during his thought process of this grand awakening of the conservative movement he realized what an uphill battle it was going to be. 90% of the press is against us. In no way can we figure on getting a fair shake on any discussion of policy. We are now being labeled on the major news networks as extremists and radicals. And I’d be willing to bet he never dreamed the Republican Party would turn on itself and devour any shining light (Palin, Cruz, Lee, etc.).
Well, that is all for now. I’ll post more as I can. Working for the railroad can be tough and right now is our busy season moving grain and Christmas items.
Lastly, I want to say God bless to all of you and hope this finds you all well.

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