Friday, September 18, 2015

Post Debate Thoughts

Didn't get to watch the debate live this time around, only able to catch several highlights so the synopsis will not be as through as the previous.

From all reports Carly knocked it out of the park. She had specifics, was well spoken, and did her best to steer clear of Trump. I will have to say that she needs to stop saying "I started out as a secretary..." It getting a little worn out. But I do like her. In any other state than California, she could have beaten Boxer. But then again, only California would have voted FOR Boxer.

Trump continues to defy logic. I completely understand why he has the attraction that he does. He is speaking for the MULTIPLE millions who have no voice, or who are being ignored by the elites in DC. This country voted the Republicans the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014 (not to mention the huge shift in state level governments) and still not a damn thing is being done. He is the voice. Maybe it's not terribly artistic in delivery, but it still resonates. But his performance last night is probably his nadir. But I said that the last time. I really do have my troubles with him. We sent somebody who was "cool" to the White House 7 years ago and look how well that has turned out.

Bush did well, but his name and establishment ties does and will continue to be a drag. He also has a couple of stances that do not sit well with the base, namely his illegal immigration "policy" and his support of common core education standards.

Would somebody PLEASE get Cruz a cup of personality!! If he had half the charisma of Trump, Cruz would be the front runner by a long shot. He is exactly what the base has been looking for. But he has too much lawyer in him. I will vote for Cruz if he is still standing when the WA primaries roll around next year. But my goodness, he is as exciting as watching grass grow.

Christie does well in the debates. He is smart. Has the conservative chomps (mostly). Has the voice. The one thing that does impress me about Christie is that he has been able to govern a deeply democrat state, getting things done without selling his soul, a la John McCain. He tends to voice the same things that Trump does, but he comes across angry rather than sincere.

I'm still a little baffled by the appeal of Ben Carson. Please don't get me wrong, he is smart with a capital S.M.A.R.T. And he is not afraid to take on those who need to be taken on. Just look at his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast a couple years back where he completely eviscerated Obama Care.  But his world, until very recently, has been really small. Carson, Trump, and Carly might have the same amount of political experience, which is to say: NONE. But Trump and Carly have had to deal with politics in their respective roles as leaders in the business community. I think it would be a stretch to same the same thing about Carson.

I think within the next two months the field is going to whittled down to six or so: Trump (front runner, and his own money), Bush (Establishment RINO, with the backing of the GOP machine), Carly (going to see a huge increase in money coming in), Cruz (He is the really one true conservative in the bunch, Rubio (His support continues to be strong, no reason for him to get out yet), and Carson (His popularity continues to grow and so will the influx of money

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