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Why Trump

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The other day a friend of mine who I would consider liberal posted on Facebook a challenge to her conservative friends. Rather than post a lengthy comment on her post I decided to make it a blog post. I am going to attempt to address each of her points in the blog post. I have tried address all of her points, but might have missed one or two. Her Facebook post is in italics

To my conservative friends...
You are all being tested. You claim to belong to a party of morals and values, and many of you profess your faith in a merciful God. The leader of your party is spitting in the face of nearly everything you believe.
You might agree with parts of his platform (if you can call his one line policy proposals a platform), but do you see your morals and values reflected in him?

Good Grief, you are spending too much time watching MSNBC and reading Slate. LOL.

Do you believe that he wants to make America great again? Please look at what he has brought out in the people of this country. Racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia are running rampant out in the open. What about these values makes America great exactly? He wants to take this country back to a time when women were relegated to the kitchen, people of color were not allowed anywhere near white people and were publicly lynched, and LGBTQ people were killed for who they are. That doesn't say great to me.

I have to address the whole point you made about Trump being racist. The statement you made: “people of color were not allowed anywhere near white people and were publicly lynched” is a little far-fetched. And when you make a statement like that, you need to show how you came to that conclusion. As far as I can tell, never has he said anything that could be considered racist. Yes, he wants to close the borders and yes he wants to shut down unchecked immigration from the Middle East. But that does not make him racist. He is tapping into a substantial concern that many people on both sides of the aisle have regarding people coming here and creating problems. All one has to do is look at what has happened in Europe, especially France and Germany, to see why there is concern. France has suffered the loss of 100's of her citizens through terrorist attacks that were carried out in part by recent immigrants. Germany has had a rash of rapes and molestation events by some of these immigrants. And Trump has said he wants to stop this influx from the Middle East until there is a better vetting system in place. And it is not up to the US government to fix the record keeping system of these countries. If a person from that region cannot be vetted because the records are not complete, this is not our concern. And here is a question that you should think about. Why is it that 1000’s of muslim immigrants are being let into these countries while Middle Eastern Christians, who are being slaughtered by ISIS not afforded the same unvetted immigration status?

As for our southern border: I think most people would agree that the system needs a fix of some sort. But primarily, the unchecked movement across the border needs to be stopped before any fix (other than blanket amnesty) can be accomplished. Trump thinks he has a solution. Building a wall to keep out folks who are not citizens or green card holders is not racist or bigoted. It is just common sense. Maybe building this wall is just a pipe dream, but something needs to be done. It has been proven over and over again that people other than those from Central America are coming across this border. At the very least this needs to be stopped.

I have heard the arguments that people who come across the border are doing the jobs Americans won’t do. I say hogwash to that sentiment. I remember as a young teenager summers spent picking berries. Now this job is being done by illegal immigrants. But there is a kicker for you. When I picked these berries I worked alongside many people who hailed from Mexico. But they were not Illegals. These people were called migrant workers. They had permission to be here through the migrant worker program. These folks would work their way up and down the west coast and the Midwest harvesting crops. And it was all perfectly legal. But that program was ended when too many people who had nothing better to do than meddle thought they had a better way. It is very true these migrants were not paid well, by our standards. But by the standards of where they came from, they made boat loads of money. Now the only way to get the crops harvested is on the backs of the illegal immigrants.

I know many people are condemning him for those comments made 11 years ago in what he thought was a private conversation. And I agree his comments were quite vulgar. However, for people on the left to suddenly get a moral backbone over comments like Trump’s when their king had a sexual relation in the Oval Office of all places is just a bit on the hypocritical side. And how about a double standard? Cosmo magazine ran an article several months ago about objectifying women, then a few months later ran an article about which males at the Olympics had the best “package” with gratuitous crotch shots. Cosmo certainly cannot be called a conservative magazine, quite the opposite in fact. And really, much of the outrage is manufactured. Explain to me why, just as Trump is starting to put Clinton away in the polls, does this tape suddenly appear? It’s not like this tape was buried in some tomb in the desert, recently unearthed in an archaeological dig.

Here is another point to ponder regarding his treatment of women. Did you know that he is the only developer in NYC to hire a general contracting firm own by a woman to build one of his skyscrapers? And he has more women in executive positions within his companies than men. And he pays them accordingly (i.e. Equally)

Who was the first major figure to show up in Orlando after the nightclub shootings? You can call in political if you want, and you might be right. But the fact remains, he was first to show up and pledge his support to community devastated by hatred. And the shooter was not some ill-educated southern white redneck. Nope, he was a Muslim. Who shouted words of support to his god and terrorist organizations?

Women step up and accuse him of sexual impropriety.... and he threatens to SUE THEM!

Numerous women accuse Bill Clinton of rape and molestation and she utterly ruins their lives.

In just the past couple of days there was an article posted that showed what the results of the election would look like right now if just women voted (Hillary wins) and if just men voted (Trump wins).

This is true in every election. Since women gained the right to vote, they have been the determining factor in nearly every single Presidential election. Women elected Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter. The majority of men have always supported the Republican candidate. That majority can be 51% or 65%. This is a non-argument.

What did his followers start trending on Twitter?? #repealthe19th. What is the 19th amendment? It is the amendment that prohibits any US citizen from being denied the right to vote based on their sex. What was Trump's reaction to this? ......nothing. Nothing at all, and you can't tell me that he didn't see it. That man is on Twitter more than he is on TV, and he is so narcissistic that he looks for anything that relates to him. Yeah, he will stand up and defend the constitution... right.

This is nothing but a tempest in a teapot. Not even worthy of addressing. Not be me. And certainly not by Trump. Really? Does anyone really think this amendment could be nullified? Come on!! There would ABSOLUTELY no support for rescinding the 19th Amendment.

Leaders and prominent Republicans are speaking out against him.... so he attacks them.

The main reason why he is getting support from so many. Many of the base of the Republican party are tired of the same old, same old. It has given use McCain and Romney and lost elections.

Let's just think about this for a second. If you are "pro-life", do you agree that women who get an abortion should be punished, like Trump said? "But, he walked those comments back! He doesn't want to punish women!" Oh, you think he doesn't want to punish women? Just look at the way he talks to/about and treats women! He wants to punish women for doing something he doesn't agree with.

When Trump first said this I was like “whatever”. There is no way he truly believes this. And his walking back those statements seem to back it up. But I do think if abortion were outlawed for birth control purposes (not for the life of the mother or child) then he was basically saying if abortion were against the law, then law breakers should be in jail. But liberals need to be careful here. There are numerous people on the left who want to punish those with whom they disagree. Recently Dicaprio said those who don’t believe in global warming/climate change/whatever it is called today should not be allowed to run for office. And a few years back, one of the meteorologist from the Weather channel said if a fellow meteorologist doesn’t believe in hot/wet/cold/dry then they should have their certificate pulled. Is not punishment for doing something the left doesn’t agree with?

I understand my conservative friends do not like Hillary Clinton... in fact, most of them hate her with a burning, seething hate from hell. I want to make it clear, that I am in no way saying you need to vote for Hillary Clinton. What I am saying is, step up, and stand for something. Stand up for your morals and values, and not just what your candidate is saying he will stand for publicly (he has proven time and time again that he is incapable of telling the truth). Look at his actions, and look at his words behind closed doors... that is who he is.

I would like to make one thing clear, I do detest Hillary Clinton, but not for the reason one might think. I have never held a hatred for President Obama. I cannot stand nearly any of his platform, but on a person level, I do not despise the man. He gives every indication that he is a decent human being. He appears to love his wife and has been faithful. He really adores his children and they seem to be as well-adjusted as any kids could be who are in the public eye. This is a direct result of their parents. But Clinton, I do not like as a person. She is as cold and calculating as they come. There are numerous reports out there about the way she treats people who she does not consider equals. Which is nearly all people, especially those who are required to provide for her well-being. Secret Service, police officers, and Military personnel come to mind. She only uses people to further her agenda, which has been reaching the highest office in the land. And she is a crook, plain and simple. No one in their right mind could ever think they could get away with some of the stuff she has pulled, especially recently. I served in the military and had a clearance and if I had done the things she has done I would currently be making little ones out of big ones in the read-hot Kansas sun (that breaking rocks in Leavenworth, KS). Laws and rules are for little people. Yes, I know both parties are guilty of this thought, but never has someone so flaunted the rules so grievously and gotten away with the malfeasance. One way I judge a person is whether I could sit down with them and have a beer and just talk. I could do that with Obama. I could that with the writer of this Facebook post I am picking apart. But I could not do that with Hillary Clinton.

I will end with something Ted Cruz said at the Republican National Convention earlier this year.... "Please, don't stay home in November. If you love our country... stand and speak and vote your conscience. Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution."

Now with all of the above being said let me tell you why I support Trump. I do so reluctantly. I threw my support and a little money behind Ted Cruz. In my opinion he still remains the best candidate. But the decision has been made. I do like some of Trump’s platforms. And why must a platform be wordy and complicated to be good? I like the idea of tax cuts to help jump start the economy. It has been proven time and time again that cuts do help. When you put money back in the hands of the folks we spend it. Which drives our consumer economy. I am very much opposed to more of my money being taken by the government because they think they know better how to spend it. I also like his platform of closing the border. I have no issues with folks coming here, none what so ever. But I want them to come here legally. Trump wants to end the H1B visas which is putting American workers out of their jobs by bringing in cheap IT people from other countries. Look up what has happened at Disney. I am also quite concerned about what will happened to the Supreme Court if Clinton is elected. As it stands, the new President will appoint one Justice since there currently is a vacancy. I also think the new President will appoint at least one and possibly two in their first 4 years. Clinton will appoint uber-leftist justices. Trump has already said he will appoint justices that are constitutionalists. This is important to me.

As for Gary Johnson, just not going to happen.

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