Tuesday, June 6, 2017

An Exchange With A Snowflake

The other day a friend of mine on Facebook posted his displeasure with PDT decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accords. As you  might gather, I fully agree with this decision. This accord was nothing more than a movement of wealth from rich nations (Like the USA) to poor nations (mostly Africa). Interestingly, it wasn't my friend who decided to exchange thoughts with me, but rather his wife. I have known my friends for 10+ years, he was a junior officer I highly respected during my final few years in the service. But I never had the pleasure of meeting his wife other than just a brief meet and greet several years ago.  So I am going to post the exchange in order of posting. I would like your feedback in how I handled the situation.

This first is the original post. It was a response to a news article that my friend posted notifying that PDT has decided to pull the USA from the Paris Climate Accords.

Friend: Oh no!!!! No no no!!!!!!! Damn it!

ME: I'm glad we're done with this scam. Even reasonable folks who believe in hot/wet/cold/dry should view this agreement with disdain. It was nothing more than a massive transfer of wealth from the USA to other countries. Our financial contributions to the agreement far outstripped our "contribution" to global cooling/warming/climate change. The world will wring their hands over us "backing out". But not because the world will end, but because the greedy little jerks aren't gonna get our money.

Not the wife: I couldn't disagree more.

My Friends Wife (MFW): Is this guy serious?? We come in at 17% only 2nd to China at 20% and followed by India, the next highest at only 4%!! WE ARE THE PROBLEM!!! OF COURSE WE SHOULD PAY MORE!! My god I just can't even understand why any American wouldn't agree with joining forces with other countries to try and limit our negative effects of OUR GREED on the planet. You think it is THEIR greed?? Excuse me while I go apologize to my children for the absolute mess we as a nation are leaving them. (if you don't like the simple break down that Wiki provides, feel free to go to the main site for the Paris agreement- I just figure this one has it condensed)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Agreement

MFW: Also, "believe in hot/wet/cold/dry"??? Science. Please just science.

ME: Come on. These accords were nothing more than a transfer of wealth for absolutely no gain. The two largest polluters, China and India, were not expected to follow through. It was more of a "hey, if you can, great. If you can't, oh well" kind of thing.

I threw in the hot/wet/cold/dry line because It is not supported by science. We have had no significant warming in nearly 22 years. So now it is called climate change. In recorded history, there have been at least two periods of warmer temps. The middle ages, and the time of Christ. No industrial pollution, no cars. No HVAC. And there was much hysteria in the 70's about a new ice age. And the whole base line of the scare, the Mann temperature graph has been so thoroughly debunked that even the IPCC has distanced themselves from it. Interestingly, as the Mann graph was starting to lose its credibility, the term climate change (not warming) came into vogue.

So yes, count me as a skeptic and a denier. And if we're gonna have pay, it shouldn't just be us.

MFW: (Redacted) but of course, after your last post, I'm going to TOTALLY assume you are better educated and have a much better grasp on all things science. Hmm- maybe you should publish some articles?

ME: So far, it seems you have indirectly called skeptics not smart because we don't happen to think the evidence supports global Warming, climate change, etc, and I guess because I lack the high level degree. Some of the most weather knowledgeable people I've known have nothing more than a CCAF degree. And you have also inferred that we must not care for children due to greed or something. I think my daughter and sons would disagree. And have posted a link to a witty Astrophysicist that supposedly destroys a climate change skeptic. A snappy come back doesn't prove someone is right; just funny. And her reply was funny. In your opinion, is there a difference between being well informed and being well educated? But I have yet to see anything that refutes the evidence that I have posted.

As for the article writing, I actually did that for a couple of years on my mostly defunct blog. Covered varied topics from hot/wet/cold/dry to 2nd Amendment rights (It's not for hunting, silly democrat congresscritter), renewable energy (good idea, once the government gets out of choosing the winners and (mostly) losers like Solyndra), UofO football (disappointment when Kelly left), and other assorted topics. I was also invited to be a contributor to Conservative Blog Central and several other smaller blogs, and linked by several leading conservative leaning blogs. I guess that last sentence is a little self-serving. LOL. But the real world and bills intruded.

MFW: Lol someone as smart as you, (redacted), should be doing really well for yourself- good for you buddy. Too bad the world just doesn't get how much smarter and informed you are! Of course, weather knowledge vs Climate Study are two very different things. And yeah- I posted a funny twitter comeback, because I don't see any reason to take you seriously. But hey- feel free to continue to making excuses for not taking care of the Earth, and keep believing the good old USofA isn't a major contributor to environmental issues. Ya know, since you had a BLOG and all, maybe Trump will make you the Secretary of Representin' for the Envyroment!

MFW: Ps- I don't have all the answers. It isn't my area of expertise, and I don't doubt that you have read many self-serving articles to support your claims. But I have a high respect for people who commit their lives to ACTUAL scientific study. Kinda like the difference between Googling symptoms and self-diagnosing vs going to an actual surgeon to get your appendix out. You can blog all day long about your tummy ache, and what you have read, but ya might want to hold off on doing the surgery yourself 🤓 Have a lovely night.

My question for you dear readers, is how should I respond. It is evident she wishes to close out this discussion and that she feels she has won the argument. Or should I even respond? I don't want to lose my connection to my friend. I don't plan on saying anything terribly out of bounds, although my first thought was not so nice.

This is what I am proposing. One caveat I have to add for your information. I have received training in meteorology and was a forecaster in one form or another for 27+ years in the Air Force. I do have some background on which to make my assumptions regarding climate change:

Sure glad that we were able to have an exchange of ideas without resorting to name calling or belittling the other person. Always a good thing. As for the comparisons you make, it doesn't really hold water. I am not a doctor, but I do have training and experience in meteorology. Do I think I could diagnose AND operate on my appendix. Certainly Not!! Despite what you might think and say, I am not THAT smart. The leap from weather knowledge (education and experience) to Climate Study isn't as far as you make it out to be. Unlike medical language I do understand (mostly) meteorological language. From that can I make an informed and educated decision regarding climate change? I certainly think I can.

The following is what I would really like to say, but won't:

Sorry it took a while getting back to you asshole. I was too busy dumping 55 gallon drums of environmental waste into the local rivers and stomping on puppies. You just don't get it do you? Name calling and acting like you're all that and a bag of chips doesn't make you right. The one thing I have noticed over the past few years is liberals such as yourself have no ability or desire to keep the conversation civil. It is your way or the highway. Not once did you provide any evidence or try to refute the points I made. All you did was call me stupid and disparage my name. When you know you can't win the argument with logic and facts, out come the knives. Truly pathetic.

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