Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Conservative Blogger Jailed

Last Friday I posted this little article about some of the harassment being experienced by conservative bloggers from a convicted domestic terrorist. It was mostly just links to several stories by these bloggers. The blogger that is pretty much front and center of this whole fiasco is a certain fellow (and his family) from Maryland. Well, it seems that this individual has been taken into custody and placed in jail.

Absolute miscarriage of justice if you ask me. This is a freedom of speech issue and the Maryland judge has probably violated his 1st Amendment rights.

Not only has the individual and his wife have lost their jobs through what are mostly likely lies and deceit, but he will now have a record.

Probably the scariest thing about all of this is the possibility that other could also be jailed just for speaking their minds on certain subject matters. If you are any sort of student of history, does any of this give you a moment of pause? While our current sitting President probably had nothing to do with the judge's ruling, the current atmosphere of tramping down opposing views by both the White House (Attack Twitter, since deleted) and the lame stream media's absolute silence on this issue probably gave the judge the impression that his ruling would go unnoticed.

There are times when liberty dies a sudden and voilent death (Think Germany mid 1930's) and other times it dies slowly due to a thousand little cuts (think America now).

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