Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Occupiers Hit Seattle

Well gang, today was May 1st, the day that all communists and socialists celebrate for reason that are sort of unclear to me.

Because the Occupy “Something” movement is rife with communists and socialists supposedly fighting for the 99% they decided that a day celebrated in the old Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact nations, North Korea, and others who have a decidedly leftist bent in their philosophy that May 1st was a great day to kick off the 2012 Occupy movement.

As could be expected, the leftist colony that is Seattle and King County, suffered through their idiocy on this fine May day.

Windows at several Wells Fargo branch were forced to shut down due to shattered windows.

Nike Downtown also suffered a similar fate.

The protesters also set a small fire in front of the US Court of Appeals and also nailed it with paintballs. Interestingly, this court house is probably one of the more friendly venues for leftist/progressives as this court has a decidedly liberal lean.

A Porche Ceyenne was spray painted with anarchist symbols.

One thing that really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me why would these people do these kinds of things in a city that is renowned for their liberal and progressive leanings? The Seattle area has over a million people, a goodly portion of those folks would gladly proclaim their support for any and all causes liberal. Yet here the Occupy folks are going downtown, destroying property that more than likely belongs to people who, if they don’t outright support them, then at least have sympathies for the Occupiers.

If the Tea Party had demonstrated in the same fashion, do you think the 2010 midterm elections would have gone the same route? Not a chance. We tend to shed people who are extremists; we minimize them as quickly as we can. Take the knuckleheads who make up the white power group. They support many of the causes we do. They want smaller government, they don’t want their gun rights taken, they want traditional families. But they are too far out there for anyone who is mainstream conservative to even given them the time of day. Because of the way we have distanced ourselves from these kinds of people, they have really ceased to be anything more than a bad curiosity. Yet many of the folks who had damage done to their property and so forth will say nothing to push these people further into the reaches of nothingness.

I would also like to point out that Seattle has two main newspapers: The Seattle Times and the Seattle PI. The PI is left leaning while the Times tends to be more middle of the road. Guess which newspaper sent out updates via e-mail notices to their subscribers.

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