Wednesday, November 17, 2010

200,000 deaths due to lack of health care?

Here is the original line item.
You didn't get mad when over 200,000 US Citizens lost their lives because they had no health insurance.
My response:
 If I had to take a guess the writer got these numbers from  Kind of like the 5M Iraqis who have been killed by US troops that has been thrown around by the MSM on occasion.
  Let’s look at the numbers.  According to the census there are approximately 47M people without health coverage of some sort.  If you read into the report a little you will discover this number is only a snapshot in time and includes the number of people who might go without health care for a period of time while they search for employment, or transition between jobs.  Based on the numbers provided, it looks like about 40% of the uninsured get health care coverage within four months  Bit we’ll stick with the 40M just for the sake of argument.  Of those number there are 9M illegal aliens (probably a conservative estimate).  Another 18-20M who are under the age of 35 and have not purchased insurance or are under-covered by choice (home purchase, buy that new car/truck, etc.).  So we’ll go with a number around 10M who are not insured (this number is also probably low).  That leaves about 2% of the population who are dying EACH YEAR from lack of insurance.  So basically what you are saying is since Clinton’s attempt failed 17 years ago 3.4M people have died due to lack of insurance.  I think a lot of people would consider that an epidemic.  Since Aids was statistically tracked from 1981 (30 years ago), just a shade under 600,000 have died from contracting aids and at that rate the CDC determined this was an epidemic.
  If the liberals would move beyond the truth stretching done at and the Center for American Progress and do a little independent research they’d find the 200,000 deaths is greatly exaggerated.  A recent Harvard study (certainly not a center of conservative thinking) puts the number somewhere near 45,000.  While this number is still a tragedy, it is not the 200,000 deaths the merchants of fear like to bandy about.
  Facts are stubborn things.

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