Monday, November 29, 2010

Terrorism comes to the PACNW

By now, and unless you are sitting in a cave somewhere, you have all heard about the attempted bombing during the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in downtown Portland last Friday evening. The lighting ceremony is an annual event that goes back as far as I can remember. I personally have only attended one lighting ceremony because I am not a big fan of crowds.

One of the things that concerns me the most about this whole event is that Portland Oregon decided to excuse itself from the fight against terrorism. A few years back the Portland City Council voted 4-1 to disengaged the Portland police department from the FBI' task force on terrorism. I guess they thought if they weren't envolved with taking Muslim terrorist down, the terrorist would leave them alone. It is my deepest hope that Portland takes these events seriously and understands that no matter what we try to do, the stated mission of the Muslim terrorists is to bring down western civilization, regardless of whether we are all touchy-feely or destroying them in their home areas.

This event has hit close to home for me. While I don't attend this event, one of my sisters and her daughter attend every year. They have been going since my niece was little one. As I was watching the breaking news story, my heart sank a little bit to think that some of my family members could have been killed by this Muslim nut-job.

Several of the web sites that I follow have great stories on the events and what each of the writers is thinking. I'll list a few here.
This last one has a video that is a little chilling.

I have seen a few news stories about how this guy was entrapped, and basically led him to make this attempt. If you bother to read about this event a little bit, you will see that he made the efforts and the FBI was able to step in and keep this from being a disaster. Not withstanding the views in the comments section, the Oregonian, a VERY liberal newspaper, did a good job of reporting the facts. My hats off to the law enforcement efforts. I hope this guy gets charged with 1,000 counts of attempted murder.

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