Saturday, April 14, 2012

Best Evah Post on Rosen's Stupidity

As mentioned in the previous post, blogging is going to be difficult, so some of my posts will be links to other sites with some comments of mine thrown in for good measure.

This one of those.

Unless you have been living under a rock there is no way that you could have missed Hilary Rosen’s moment of complete idiocy when she said Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blog sites out there that have commented on this. I won’t try to impress you by saying that I have read them all (I haven’t), but I have read many from both sides of the aisle.

But until I ran across this on at Red State, none had really impressed me. They were all pretty much the same. On the right, there was outrage, and deservedly so. On the left, there was stupidity as they tried to defend Rosen, which is the indefensible.

This is clearly a campaign strategy; try to use the tired old class warfare stuff. Oh, those, Richy Richies! Only silly little tea-having rich ladies stay at home with their kids. And their nannies! So out of touch! Only, that’s not true no matter how hard Rosen’s fellow travelers try to spin it so, and the average stay-at-home mom knows that. Many women choose to make sacrifices and live with less in order to stay at home with their children. Others do the math (I know! How can they understand economics thingies? That’s for boys!) and realize that the cost of childcare would outweigh whatever money they could bring into the household, So, fail again, Obama. Nice try.

Nah. We’d still be women, warranting only a pat on purty little heads and told to hush so the big, smart men can save us, even from our own anatomies. This is why abortion is a sacrament to them. By devaluing the lives of children, they can assuage their guilt at devaluing women. Children are to be aborted at, and for, one’s own convenience or else a woman can’t function in any meaningful (as judge by the Left) way. Women are too stupid to raise children and do anything else at the same time. It’s lucky we all aren’t constantly tripping as we chew gum. Moms are dumb, incapable, non-functional and should be secluded from the rest of society, apparently. And how dare they ever presume to know anything at all besides how make pipe cleaner animals and such? (Source: Red State)

I loved it. Because it hit home for me.

Several years ago my wife graduated from college and began work in the environmental compliance arena for a government agency. She was on a fast track to success. But the Air Force had other ideas. They sent me (us) to Japan. But all was not lost. At a base not too far away, there was an opportunity for her to continue her career. But it came at a cost. The average commute time was at least 90 minutes each way, and was on a good day. So we made the decision to have her postpone her career and stay at home and raise our two boys who were then four and seven. We have never regretted the choice.

I do have one question for anyone who still supports Obama out there who might read my little blog. Is Rosen a reflection on how you really feel? Do you hold stay-at-home moms in distain as much as Rosen does? When you think of those stay-at-home moms that you hold in such little regard, do you ever think about your mom or perhaps grandmother? How did you feel when Rosen pretty much said those women who raised you were stupid?

As side note here for some of you who support Obama to contemplate. Until I was about 12 my mother was not in the workforce other than part time jobs around Christmas time. But you know what. My mother and father are enjoying their retirement by spending out inheritance on trips and new cars and nice things for their house. This was due to my mom. Even before she starting working she understood what needed to be done to get them to point where they are right now. Even before she went back to school to finish her postponed (to have four children) degree, she knew what needed to be done with investments and savings. She was a stay-at-home mom and she wasn’t an idiot.

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  1. Thank you Rob for writing such a great post. My oh my, how many times was I told I was wasting my life by staying home with our children, all of who are adults now. And ost of these people were Christians from the churches we went to....WOW....
    Being a stay at home mother is the highest calling a woman can have...Read Proverbs 31....She knew how to handle economics and everything else....And she was called Blessed by her family for doing it....Maybe the LEFT should take up reading the Word of God to see where they have missed the mark on almost everything....
    Again, thank you for writing the post....I will pray for your safety on the road with your truck.
    Love from NC