Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If I Wanted America to Fail

This video has gone viral.

If I Wanted America to Fail

Very powerful!

So powerful that Twitter temporarily closed the organizational account of the folks who produced the video. They blamed some sort of spam filter. Give me a break!

And if you listen closely, you can hear nearly every economic platform of the left and progressives.

At the altar of Obama!

There was a time that the environmental movement was something worthwhile. I think we can all agree that clean water and air are admirable and, as has been proven, achievable goals. But the conservation movement has been hijacked by extremists hell bent on shutting down any form of economic use of lands that could provide plenty.

One of the more interesting moments in the video, from a personal standpoint, was the Spotted Owl. Back when the whole save the spotted owl movement was killing high paying jobs in the PACNW, my father worked for the Forest Service. He was involved with the whole spotted owl issue. He was an advocate of further study as he was concerned that the numbers were being skewed in favor of the environmentalists. While my father was not a biologist by training, he was smart enough to be able to read the reports and study the data. And the data didn’t support the view the public was getting from the media and the “other side.” It showed not only was the spotted owl number declining because of predatory animals (there is always a larger predator), but the spotted owl’s favorite meal actually liked the more open space created by logging. He argued that if had open spaces surrounded by forested land, the spotted owl would thrive. This has turned out to be the case. The spotted owl has thrived, not in the old growth forests, but on lands that get logged.

When he saw that the environmentalists were going to win this battle, he decided to retire. He didn’t quit because he was a quitter, rather, he saw the writing on the wall. When he first joined the FS, it was an organization dedicated to multiple uses for our National Forests. The forest lands could provide jobs, recreation, mining, logging, wilderness areas, and be all things to all people. But the culture of the FS was changing, become less multi-use and more focused on extreme environmental issues. The spotted owl issue was the final straw, so to speak.

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  1. Oh how sad that people drink the kool aid the government gives them and then wonder why this country is such a mess....My heart is breaking for our country..And I am so thankful that you posted this video and are about this country as well...
    Have a blessed day...
    Love from NC