Friday, April 20, 2012

Divide Contunes to Deepen

It seems that the politicalization of America keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Recently, a gun manufacturer in Arizona was basically told that their business was no longer welcome because they were, well, a gun manufacturer.

See the full write-up here by Prof Jacobson at Legal Insurrection. (via Doug Ross at Director Blue

This country is divided and continues to become more and more divided. I place this widening gap at the feet of progressives and democrats. They have done everything in their power to divide this nation into groups. Gays vs. straight, men vs. women, gun owners vs. those opposed to gun ownership, black vs. white.

The constant call of everything and anyone who does not support President Obama’s progressive agenda as racist or racial motivated has driven an increasing deeper wedge between minorities and whites. I know for myself, I personally take great umbrage being called a racist just because I don’t believe in Obama’s collectivism view for America. I am mostly certainly not a racist. It is true that I don’t believe that just because you are part of some group that you should get extra privileges at the expense of others. Do I think there should be some sort of helping hand? Of course, but it shouldn’t be a lifetime of support. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get you’re a$$ into a job or education and get on with your life and be a contributing member of society. Once you have reached that point, then you are able to lend that helping hand.

I also have strong feelings towards anyone who thinks that because my wife and I decided that it was best for our children that she be a SAHM I am some sort of anti-women beast (and that my wife is somehow less of a person). Truth be told, if she was the one who had invested 18 years of her life into a career and I was just getting started, then it would have been me staying at home. I have covered this before in a previous post. If a family feels the need to have both parents work outside the home, then that is a choice that they have made, and good on them for making that choice. But don’t run down my wife and my family because we didn’t choose to meet your expectation of the “fulfilled woman.” I am pretty certain that my wife feels great about being there for our children, especially during all those times I couldn’t (eight deployments during our 20 years together).

And when someone tells me that I am some sort of backwoods idiot just because I support the Constitutional guarantee of my right to keep and bear arms it tends to get my knickers in a knot. I support your right to not own a gun. That is a choice you have made and I can respect that. There are many reasons why someone would decide to not own a gun (and I won’t cover those here). But don’t force your views on me. I have made my choice and you should honor that because it is perfectly legal for me to make such a choice. And for those of you who cannot get it go, please remember that nearly every tyrant in the world has banned the private ownership of guns. If you want to be lumped into that category, please don’t take me with you down that path.

But driving this wedge between average Americans that only a few years ago could agree to disagree with civility has been a long term goal of the progressives and democrats. Could you image how Ronnie and Tip would feel if they were around today? Back in the day, these two gentlemen (Republican President and democrat Speaker of the House) could argue of the finer points of a political position, then sit down over a warm snifter of Cognac and talk about football and whatever else crossed their minds. Could you even think that Obama and Boehner would be able to do that today?

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