Friday, June 1, 2012

Unemployment Ticks Up

The May unemployment numbers are in and they are not good. Only 69,000 jobs were created which was well off the “expected” 125,000+ thought. And the unemployment rate rose started to move upwards once again to 8.2%.

All in all, not good news for President Obama with an election only a few short months away. So far, Obama has presided over a very weak economic recovery, probably one of the weakest recoveries ever. Even during the dark days of the Great Depression, once we started to come out of it in 1935-1936, recovery numbers were much better than this. Of course, with unemployment near 30% any upward movement was good.

The question now becomes whether Romney can articulate his vision into something the voters will relate to. Can he convince voters that he is the answer to the problems in the economy? Most of you know that I am not a Romney fan, but I am firmly planted in the “anyone but Obama” camp. I am concerned of his flip-flops on several issues such as the 2nd Amendment and his “evolving” stance on abortion. But I cannot question his experience when it comes to what matters most to folks right now and that is his business acumen.

I really don’t think Obama has a clue how to recover this economy. His socialist views on the world and how to make things work doesn’t really work well in getting a stagnant economy running once again. He has tried clean energy and that has failed terribly. Almost a trillion dollars thrown into the pit of Solyndra and other companies with nothing but bankruptcy and job losses to show for it. Locking away mineral resources that could provide jobs by the hundreds of thousands and reduce our reliance on terrorist-sponsoring governments. Energy prices that are expected to skyrocket over the next few years as the EPA puts crippling regulations into force.  And don’t forget Obama Care. Not exactly the recipe for job and economic growth.

But Obama sure does look good and speaks well (as long as the teleprompter is working) and isn’t that all that matters?

If I have any liberal readers out there, could you please provide any form of rebuttal. Please give us examples of what “The Chosen Once” has done that has been good for the economy. But before you go down the stimulus road as your example, please remember that nearly all of that money was wasted paying off favored donors and pet projects. The sex habits of grizzly bears and the aforementioned Solyndra fiasco isn’t exactly what an economic recovery is made of. And he himself has said that projects weren’t exactly “shovel ready.”

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  1. Hmm, I doubt that any liberal will be afraid to come out of hiding on this one....they wouldn't have any proof of anything, just like the birth certificate or school records...Just saying..
    Love from NC