Monday, June 25, 2012

Matthews Is An Idiot

I can’t understand how anyone who is supposed to be smart enough to be on TV to commentate on events can really be this stupid.

But the more I think about it the more the realization burns through that it really isn’t stupidity on his part that makes him say things like this. It is the people his is talking to. Matthews can say things like this knowing full well that no one in his audience will bother to check the truth of the charges he is making. Actually, he is playing it smart.

Does he bother to mention that the framers of the Constitution put mechanisms in place to get rid of slavery? While he does mention the 13 Amendment, he discusses it like it was done to overcome the mistakes of the Founding Fathers, rather than using the amendment process, which founders put in the Constitution for just such a situation.

Of course, there is no way he would mention that it was the democrats who tried to filibuster the Civil Rights Amendments. Nor would he bother to mention that Republicans were to ones to lead the charge to get the Amendments passed in the first place. And would he mention that it was a Republican President who wrote the Emancipation Proclamation that actually freed the slaves. And lest we forget, it was democrats who wrote nearly all of the Jim Crow laws that essentially put blacks back on the plantations.

But Matthews can say all of these things because he knows that the VERY few people who watch him will not bother to check his statements. They will blindly believe whatever he says and take it as gospel that it was Republicans/Conservatives who are/were the racists.

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