Monday, June 25, 2012

Obama Tells SCOTUS - Screw You

Well, not actually those words.

This administration gets more and more lawless at every turn.

I won’t even begin to recap all of the steps outside the Constitution Obama and those who work for him have taken during the 3.5 years he has been in office. Rather, I will point you here for a decent rundown.

Now we have them basically telling the SCOTUS to take a long walk off a short pier.

Today, the SCOTUS ruled that a good chunk of Arizona’s Illegal Immigrant law (which mirrors the Federal law) was unconstitutional. Won’t rehash the details here, but it basically boiled down to the states stepping on federal toes. However, they did allow the teeth of the law to stay put. That will allow Arizona law enforcement officers (LEOs) to question, and check, the immigration status of folks they come in contact with during contact (speeder pulled over can have their immigration status checked).

So what does the Obama Administration do? Within hours of the SCOTUS releasing their decision on the Arizona law Department of Homeland Security tell their enforcement agencies not to cooperate with Arizona LEOs on matters pertaining to immigration status checks. This will make the efforts of local agencies to conduct immigration checks nearly impossible since the databases of that kind of information is under federal jurisdiction.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, DHS officials in Arizona have been directed no to respond to the scene of a state or local stop or a similar law enforcement encounter upon the requests from state and local police officers for assistance in enforcing immigration laws unless the individual meets DHS enforcement priorities – is a convicted criminal, has been removed from the US previously and reentered unlawfully or is a recent border crosser. (Source: KPHO)

Beyond unbelievable. This group has decided that as long as they are in office, they will use any means necessary to achieve their unconstitutional goals. They continue to further divide this nation with each and every unconstitutional act.

I will be real curious to see what the response will be if the SCOTUS declares Obama unconstitutional. Will Obama use another Executive Order to make an attempt to overrule the SCOTUS decision?

I also wonder if Obama and his crew see the writing on the wall as to how much longer they have in office. Are they making these moves, knowing full well their time is short and they want to do as much damage as they possibly can before it all over in Jan 2013?  What more is in store before the year is up?

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