Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Bein' Joe

A few years ago, while deployed to Iraq, I had the opportunity to meet VP Biden. I was doing a late morning workout at the gym and in walks this guy wearing a baseball cap while in Army PT gear. Not only did this guy have a hat on but he was wearing it backwards. Although I was not in the Army (USAF-Retired), I had been posted to many Army support assignments throughout my career (AF provides some specialized support) and had been in combat with them a few times. Hence, I had a working knowledge of what is and isn’t permissible with respect to the wear of the Army PT uniform. Hats are verboten, even those worn backwards.

As I approached the guy to provide guidance on the prpper wear of a military uniform, thinking he might be Army Guard due to his age, I realized that I recognized him. Took me a moment to place him but once I did, I was actually pretty excited. I have always though Joe Biden would be a great guy to share a few brews with and talk about football, fast cars, and faster women. Everyone is aware that Uncle Joe can say some pretty outrageous things and what better way to loosen an already loose tongue that with a beer or two.  Never would I vote for the guy, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t tip back a cold one with the guy and swap a few lies.

After getting a chance to talk with him for a while I began to realize that he was a little weird. He was certainly affable enough and was quite friendly, even after I told him Obama was pretty far down my list (He asked). All I can really relay to you was just having a weird feeling after I walked away. Until yesterday I have never been able to put my finger on it. I just recall thinking this dude was one missed heartbeat away from the Presidency and not liking it one bit. And truthfully, it wasn’t politics.

After last night’s debate, this feeling returned, and this time that weird feeling crystallized. The guy is a goober, plain and simple. How else does one explain laughing while serious points about Libya, where four Americans were murdered, are being made by Congressman Ryan? While Obama got absolutely crushed in Denver last week, at least he remained somewhat professional. Biden was clearly off his rocker. After the debate (actually about half way through) I decided that sharing a beer with this goofball was no longer on my bucket list.

Other than the obvious, the one thing I took away from this debate was how cool Ryan was under pressure. It was mildly surprising that Ryan didn’t reach across the table and slap the dude on the back of the head. I know I wouldn’t have been able to constrain myself.

Here is a recap of “Joe bein’ Joe” from the RNC.

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