Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lefty Civility

Back when I first started this blog about two years ago I gave some thought to having a section or a separate blog detailing just how civl the left can be when it comes to politics. This was during the tragedy in Arizona when then-Rep Giffords was shot along with several others, including six dead. We all recall how the left-wing blogs exploded with accusations towards the right/Tea Party, including specifically naming Sarah Palin as a primary culpurit, for espousing violent rhetoric.

As we soon found out, the Arizona shooter was more left-leaning than he was to the right.

Anyway, I really thought hard about putting this separate blog together when Deb over ar "Nice Deb" decided that was exactly what she was going to do. She and exchanged a couple of e-mails on the matter and seeing that she was much better organized than I could ever hope to be I thought it was best just to leave this project to her.

Her blog is called "Moonbattracker" and I hope it is in your list of favorites.

This recent story needs to be highlighted. Seems that a son of a Wisconson Senator was beaten for trying to keep some Obama supporters from destroying some Romney signs. Deb has the full story with images and other links.

I also received an email form a good friend of mine who is spending his retirement on the road with his lovely wife. The email contained a link to an interesting story that further highlights the civility of the left. Apparently there are many on the left that think threatening riots and assassinations if Romney is elected is wonderful political discourse. Reader warning, some of what has been displayed within the linked story is quite graphic. Deb has also put this story on her Moonbat Tracker blog. Some of these people are quite disturbed.

Ah yes, the civility of the left just continues to amaze me.

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  1. And they say that conservative people are over the top with rude behavior...HMM..
    Love from NC