Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trucking Images Two

This next series of photos was also taken on a California trip.

I spent part of my childhood in northern Cali in a city called Redding. Was there from 4th grade through the beginning of 9th grade. We did a lot of great things there; Camped, fished, hiked, etc. While I do bash on California A LOT (and deservedly so), I really did enjoy my time in Redding. Keep in mind that when I was there it was before the majority of the people in California got stupid and started electing people like Jerry Brown (the first time), or taxing the snot out everything that did and didn't move.

I also learned to ski there. I think it was the Christmas of my 7th grade year. That year my "Santa" present was a complete package of lessons, ski rentals, lift tickets, and transportation to and from the mountain. The mountain I learned to ski is featured in this next group of images.

This first grouping was taken from the north side of Mt Shasta, just after leaving Yreka, CA. This area is one of my favorite areas on the face of the planet. These images don't do it justice. Even though California has been governed by stupid people for the past 35 years I would live here in a heart beat, if my lovely bride would agree to it, which she won't. I like the million mile and dollar views. I have priced real estate here and it really isn't too bad.

I call this area "Hirl Holler". If I won the lottery I would buy this property and settle in

See the house in the center? That is where I'd live if I won the lottery. I guess I'd have to put in an airstrip som that my wife would come vist me from San Diego every once in a while.

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