Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Done Truckin'

Well, there is some good news from PACNW Righty. I will be changing jobs. I will no longer be a truck driver.

However, I will be staying in the transportation industry.

While the hours of this job really won't be any better than driving a truck, the pay is certainly better.

My time on the road was interesting to say the least. It was not a job I really enjoyed. Too much time away from home for too little pay. While I won't be fixing the time away from home issue, the pay issue will be solved. One thing I discovered; while I drove a truck for a living, but would not consider myself a trucker. For all the men and women who do this for a living, are good at it, and enjoy it, my hat is off to you!

While I was out on the road I was able to take a few images from time to time. I will post a few of those in the tonight. the one very positive thing I will say about trucking is that the view from my "office" couldn't be beat.

These first and second series of images were taken while I was in training. During this period my trainer and I were what was called a team. Basically this meant the truck was constantly moving other than for fuel and other quick stops. The images were taken while my trainer was at the wheel and I was getting ready to bunk down in the sleeper.

This first group was taken last Feb as we were making our way to California. We hit snow just south of Roseburg, OR and had to chain up a couple of times as we climbed and decended a series of mountain passes with the highest at just over 4,000 feet.

Right after we chained up and getting ready to head over the first pass

Decending the final pass into California. We have just crossed over the highest point on Interstate-5. Please excuse the blue color on this and the next image, I was trying to get artsy. As you can tell "artsy" is NOT a strong suit.

Although not very much in the way of background, I really like this shot. It gives you an idea of how deep the snow was. We still a couple of miles from de-chaining.

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