Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christian Persecution

As the Christmas season is fully upon us and in the next couple of days we will celebrate the birth of the Savior I think the following note is really timely.

With the recent repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy regarding homosexuals in the US military and the passage of the “hate crimes” bill this past summer I have begun to think that maybe there needs to be law passed that protects Christians from persecution.

Over the past several years there seem to be an uptick in the reporting of incidents involving Christians getting arrested, or injured, and even murdered for speaking their beliefs.

In schools it is completely permissible to have portions of classes that teach about Islam, Homosexuality Kwanza, Buddhism, and other “alternate” religions and lifestyles. But try to teach about Christianity, even just to discuss the history and the foundation (not preaching) has become verboten. Why has the ACLU not come to the defense of Christians when they are being forced-taught about these other beliefs? On the other hand, if a teacher decides that Christianity as history should be taught, the ACLU is all over the school and the teacher. A separation of church and state thing. And if a parent wishes to have their child opt-out of a part of the class that teaches about something they feel goes against their Christian beliefs, they are told the child will be expelled if they don’t attend. But have one person protest a Christian event and the whole Christian event or program is thrown out.   A few years ago a San Diego school actually marched in a Gay Pride event. Click here to read the full story. If a school had marched in a Christian Pride event the school board would have been forced to resign. Heck, schools and gov’t building can’t even put up nativity scenes anymore without the ACLU break down their doors.

Christian pastors have been arrested in Atlanta for protesting a “Gay Pride” event. During this event the pastors were arrested for exercising their 1st Amendment Free Speech rights while several protesters who violated Atlanta city ordinance for nudity got off scot-free. It is kind of interesting to note that while the police treated praying as an act worthy of arrest, a bunch of people walking down the street with little to no clothes on gets the “look the other way” treatment. Adding to this, one is illegal by Atlanta ordinance, the other is not.

There have been times when the Christian protesters were arrested the officers doing the arresting were cheered by the homosexual gathering. You would think that the homosexual crowds would boo the officers for attempting to curb the right of free speech.  After all, if the homosexuals didn’t have the same rights of free speech, then they would not be able to have their rallies. The preachers are protected by the same Constitution that allows the gays to speak their minds at their “Gay Pride” gatherings.

It appears the goal of homosexual community in the western world is to silence the Christian voice through the use of laws that make it illegal to voice an opinion that is counter. They are aware that a strong, faith-based argument that says the Bible does not approve of homosexual activity is a very strong case against them. If you can’t win over the people with your facts and reasoning, make sure to silence those that oppose who can present a strong case against you argument.

In Iraq and Iran, Christians are not allowed to discuss their religious beliefs, under penalty of death. Most recently in Iraq, 68 Christians were killed in a siege on a church in downtown Baghdad. The UN was completely silent about this event as was the rest of the Muslim world. Now an Islamic terrorist group is threatening Christian groups again with further attacks.

In Pakistan a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, has been sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy. It turns out that the discussing she had with fellow workers regarding religion may have been significantly overstated by the accusers. Furthermore, a Muslim cleric has put a $6,000.00 bounty on her head if she is released. Ah, the peaceful, serene Muslim religion. In most Muslim countries it is actually against the law to convert to Christianity. You could lose your property, your children, and even your life by converting to Christianity.

There are some folks in the Islamic community that might say Christian (re; The West) is targeting Muslims for elimination. They do have a point. But they are missing the target by a wide margin. Yes, it is true that many Muslims have been killed by “the West” in recent years, but there is a significant difference in the reasons why. For Muslims, targeting Christians and “the West” is for political-religious reasons. They aren’t coming after us because we are systematically killing them because the Bible says we should. They are coming after us because their religious texts say that they should. But we are going after them as a pre-emptive missions. Go get them before they have a chance to come get us. We are not targeting them because they are Muslim; we are targeting them because they are Muslim extremist bent on our destruction. I think we should make every effort to blunt their attempts to kill us.

It is not a crime to be Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or Shinto in all of the western world, yet it is a crime to be a Christian in near all the countries that are predominately Muslim. Yet, they wish us to respect them, to accept them, and to take them as they are.  All of which we do, and should continue to do. But it is high time they offered Christians the same benefits.

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