Friday, December 31, 2010

Huskers STUNK

Early yesterday evening, before the Holiday Bowl, my wife asked me if I thought NU would beat You-Dub. I answered that it shouldn’t be a problem except for one thing. I wondered in the Huskers wanted to be in San Diego, playing in a mid-tier bowl game after winning the Big-12 North and giving UO all it could handle in the Big-12 Championship Game. Plus there had been some rumors that the Huskers were supposed to go to the Insight Bowl, which is actually a little higher in stature. Since I don’t live in Omaha anymore I don’t get a read on the team based on news reports.  As the UT/NC game was running long and UW scored I really didn’t think too much about it.  But when ESPN switched over the Holiday Bowl it took me about five minutes to see that NU DID NOT want to be there.  If you take a team that isn’t really interested in playing and put them against a team that is really hungry, has improved over the season, and wants to avenge an embarrassing lose, it is a recipe for disaster for the “better” team. NU got their butts handed to them and they deserved to lose. I certainly hope the Omaha and Lincoln media take them to task over their performance last night.

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