Monday, September 10, 2012

Why Is It Even Close?

Good Grief!

How is it even possible?

Obama: 48%

Romney: 46%

OK, the recent dem convention probably gave President Obama a bump. But how is it that he has ever been ahead in the polls?

I find it very disheartening.

Unemployment is at 8.1%. And this is the rate among those actually LOOKING for work. It does not account for the millions who have basically given up until conditions improve. Real unemployment is closer to 12%.

Think about that number people!

One out every six able body Americans are out of work. In some places like California it is close to every one out of five people can’t find a job.

45 million people are on food stamps. Yes, Barack Obama is the food-stamp president, Al Sharpton and all the other race-hustler be danged.

The number of people “needing” government assistance through the food stamp program has nearly doubled over the past couple of decades, a significant portion of that increase occurring during King Barack’s reign.

The US population is a bit over 300 million. We currently have about 12% of the population on some sort of food stamp program. And while I might have been a bit cheesy in the above sentence regarding folks “needing” government assistance it is a bit odd that the percentage of real unemployed and the number of folks on food stamps dovetails. Related?

$16 Trillion dollars!!!!

That number is truly staggering.

The trouble with this numbers is that it is so large that I really think there is a significantly large number of our population that see this number, it doesn’t compute, and they dismiss it out of hand. Big mistake here.

Most are aware that George Bush ran up huge deficits. But his spending pales in comparison to what Obama has brought to the table. When Bush was done in 2009, the national debt was about $10 trillion, up from about $4 trillion when he took office in 2001. $6 trillion over eight years. That is a sizable increase. But Obama has double-downed on that. In less than four years, he has also increased the national debt by $6 trillion. If you were looking for a hockey stick, this would be it, not the Mann climate change graph.

In my opinion, this fact alone should have Obama and the dems running for cover. In four short years personal income has dropped nearly 10%.

When recessions hit, income drops, no question. It is just a statistical fact. When you have people unemployed, personal income is going to drop. But according to Obama and VP Biden, we are in the “summer of recovery.” Of course, that was two summers ago. And in those two summers, personal income has dropped steadily. But an odd thing has occurred during this “recovery”, income levels have actually dropped rather than increased. That is a statistical oddity. In all of our recoveries over the past 100 years, income levels have increased, both as wages increased and more people went back to work. But during this recovery, people have not gone back to work in any sort of numbers worth writing home about. And wages have continued to drop as people take jobs they wouldn’t normally take, and as competition for the open jobs have pressed wages downward.

With these facts staring us straight in the face, how is it that this election is even close? The Obama’s should have already hired their moving company, Barack should have sent out resumes for is post-presidency employment plans, and Michelle should be looking for new schools for the girls.

One more fact and this is a personal one. There is no way that I could be a campaign advisor in these times. I don’t envy the people that have to make the case for Romney. They are fighting against the most duplicitous and fact-stretching group of people to ever run a dem campaign.  Some would even go so far as to call them liars.

Here is where I would have troubles. I would tell my candidate that he/she needs to get out there and tell the unvarnished truth. Pull no punches. Tell the people the things they DON’T want to hear but NEED to hear.

Here would be my recommendations for an opening to a speech.

Ladies and gentlemen, my opponent has gone to great lengths to not talk to you about his deplorable record. Unemployment has been above 8% since nearly the day he took office. Do any of you remember when he said he need 1 trillion dollars to get the economy running again and that if he was given the money he would get unemployment under six percent by the end of his first term? That has not happened.

Do any of you remember how he said he was going to slash the federal deficit and balance the budget? Well, he hasn’t done either. Since he took office not only has he NOT slashed the deficit he has sent it through the roof to the tune of $16 trillion dollars and counting. A balanced budget? WHATEVER! Congress and my esteemed opponent haven’t PASSED a budget. During two of those budget cycles his party has been in control of both houses of Congress and in the Oval Office. The one budget he did submit was so bad that it was rejected in a nearly unanimous vote in the Senate, the camber that his party still controls. Think about that folks. A democrat controlled Senate reject his one and only budget proposal. That isn’t Republican interference; that is crappy leadership and foresight.

During the course of this campaign, and even before I was officially nominated as the Republican nominee for the Office of the Presidency, the mud sling and lies began. I have been called a felon, a murderer, a racist, a tax cheat, and many other dubious and provably false characterizations. But let us suppose for a moment that even one of those false accusations has a basis in truth (they don’t, but hey, they stretch the truth so why can’t I?). Even if I had cheated on my taxes at some point at least I paid them (Tim Gaither anyone?), why would you even consider reelecting a man who has driven us to the brink of bankruptcy with his policies? Why would you consider reelecting a man who has seen gas prices more than double in his four years at the helm? Why would you consider reelecting a man who has purposely driven a wedge between many Americans?


We need to change directions and we need to do it now. My opponent has had four years to get it right and he has utterly and completely failed to do so. You gave him a chance four years ago. It is time to put Hope and Change to bed and it time to try something different because he has not done the job in which you elected him do four years ago.

But as I said at the beginning, there is no way I could even hope this would be said.


  1. Don't believe the polls; they're left-biased. Based on what I'm hearing from friends & relatives, I'm cautiously optimistic that Obama will be fired come November. I'm hoping that the situation in my family (registered Republicans chomping at the bit to vote against Obama, registered Dems pretty lazy & may not bother to vote) will be duplicated all across the country. Even some "liberals" I know who voted for Obama in 2008 are getting disgusted enough with him to realize another vote for him is another vote for 4 more years of crap.

  2. I second Jeanne S.'s comment...And the unemployment is closer to 21% overall...
    Love from NC