Sunday, September 30, 2012

Protest i.e. Break the Law, Get Rewarded

Some of you might recall a post I did regarding a pepper spray incident that occurred at the University of California-Davis. Late last year several Occupy “Something” protesters were peppered-sprayed by UCD cops after the protesters, who were “camping” without a permit, and who refused to depart when told to do so. Initially the event was covered as a point of possible police overstepping their authority. Later, it was discovered the protesters had been asked and warned several times. Furthermore, one of the protesters clearly stated their goal was to get pepper-sprayed by the cops, knowing full well a compliant media would give the protested every benefit of the doubt.

Well, those very same “we are the 99 percent” protesters have won a million dollars from UCD. Read details and commentary here.

Has it really come to this? You break the law, you suffer the consequences, and then you get paid?

And here is another example of being rewarded for breaking the law. Prof. Jacobson has covered this incident rather thoroughly. Take a moment or two to read all.

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