Monday, November 7, 2011

Cain Accuser Comes Forward W/ Allred

I really hate to see it happen, but it certainly looks as if the “Cain Train” has derailed.

With the famous, bomb-throwing attorney Gloria Allred by her side, a fourth woman came forward Monday to charge Herman Cain with sexual harassment, giving full details on the alleged incident.

Sharon Bialek is the first woman to give her name and speak publically about what she is alleging the GOP front-runner did to her while he was head of the National Restaurant Association.

Allred introduced her client, Bialek, as a Republican, full-time, single mom and commended her client for coming forward to tell about Cain’s “idea of a ‘stimulus package.’” (Source: Daily Caller)

Having Gloria Allred in your corner is a no-brainer for a person, especially a woman, who is fighting what might be viewed as an uphill battle. Allred is a shark in a three-piece skirt-suit. But I do often wonder about her politics. How come it always seems like she comes out on the side that is against the conservative person. Remember the California Governor’s race? Somehow she was able to dig up a Hispanic woman who was in the US illegally and had worked for Meg Whitman. At the time, Whitman was up or tied with “moonbeam” Brown, but this pretty much sunk Whitman’s candidacy.

Of course, with all that is swirling around Cain at this time, I want to remind everyone about Bill Clinton and the sexual harassment (and worse) charges leveled against him by a number of women (Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick). And lest we forget, ol’ Billy-boy was/is a serial cheater (Monica Lewinsky, et al). Interesting story here that details some of Clinton’s allegedly less than presidential treatment of women over the years.

Curious how all of this didn’t come out, or that what did come, wasn’t enough to derail a certain candidate from Arkansas presidential aspirations. Yet, for Cain, this will most likely have the power to really do him some damage.

Over the course of the last several weeks my choice has been slowly sliding towards Cain. I really do like his plain-spoken manner and some of his ideas. I also like the fact that he is not Romney and none of the other candidates (other than Gingrich) have a snowballs chance in a hot place of defeating Obama.

As I have stated before, if Romney is the Republican candidate for president, I will vote for him, and I urge you to do so also. Whatever you do, don’t stay home and allow Barack Obama four more years due to apathy.

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