Friday, November 11, 2011

Obama Refuses to Enforce Our Laws

Illegal immigration and the Hispanic vote. Just recently President Obama used his Executive privileges to decrease the number of illegal immigrants deported back to their country of citizenship. Under his direction, White House lawyers issued a memo that prevents Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from deporting illegal immigrants who have not committed any violent crimes or not considered national security risks. Never mind that they have broken the law by just being here illegally, hence the term “illegal immigrant.”

As Obama has done quite frequently in recent months, he has most likely over-stepped his authority by telling an agency under his control not to enforce the laws of the United States. Our Constitutional Scholar is at it again.

Obama has been issuing these orders over the last few months in an attempt to shore up his declining poll numbers. He knows that he has really lost the middle of the country and since the economy is not showing much in the way of improvement, Obama has to come at his reelection from a different angle.

He has allowed the EPA to run roughshod over energy producers who generate power using fossil fuels. Despite the fact that this will cause the loss of thousands of jobs, will reduce energy production capacity by as much as 20% in the Midwest and East Coast, and will cause energy costs to “necessarily skyrocket”, he still had his EPA chief push these new regulations through. All he is doing is shoring up his radical environmentalist base, the rest of us be danged.

He has thrown his support to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters. Somewhere in his administration there had to have been someone who told him this was a bad idea. Even at the onset of these protests, there was a radical element that tinged movement. You didn’t need 20/20 vision to see where this was headed. But the radical left is where his bread is buttered and he chose to ignore this phantom advisor. All he is doing is shoring up his radical left base, the rest of us be danged.

Now with this illegal immigration memo, he has gotten trifecta. If there is a soul on this planet that thinks nary a one of these illegal immigrants won’t vote in the election, you sir or ma’am have you head buried in the sand. The left wing get out the vote organizers have a deep history of pushing the envelope. Actually, they aren’t pushing it, they have destroyed it. (by any means necessary) Obama is well aware that not enforcing the immigration laws that are on the books, he will curry favor with many Hispanic voters. All he is doing is shoring up his ethnic vote, the rest of us be danged.

Sidenote: As with continued Jewish support for democrats, I occasionally find it strange that a group of people who are very strongly grounded in family values, pull yourself up by the bootstraps hard work, and tend to be very socially conservative would continue to throw their support to a man and a party that is the antithesis to what I see they believe. I do have several Hispanic friends and have discussed this perceived contradiction with them. For some, it is a one issue vote. i.e. they vote democrat/Obama because of “ comprehensive immigration reform.” For others, the answer isn’t always clear to me. And there are some who wouldn’t vote Obama if he was the only one running.

One more thing: here is a collection of links and stories about how Obama has been circumventing the Constitution with regards to illegal immigration enforcement.

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  1. For every person legally entitled to be in the United States, who in harmed in any way by an illegal invader, B.H.Obama is an accessory to their crimes. Accessory to illegal entry to the US. theft of public services, tax evasion, assault, robbery, burglary, rape, murder, attempted murder, and ID theft just to name a few. Deal with it mr. Criminal in Chief.