Saturday, November 5, 2011

Occupy Movement Goes Violent in Oakland, CA

Folks, a very good post by Doug over at American Power Blog on the Occupy Oakland violence and anarchy.

Things have really gotten out of control there with building being vandalized and businesses forced to shut down.

As much as they would like you to believe you are part of this movement this is not a 99-percenter movement. It is a socialist-anarchist movement. Nothing short of shutting down the government and rebuilding it to their desires will satisfy these people.

Very similar to the 1960’s counter-culture protests. Back then, these people grew up in a very easy-going time of the late 50’s and early 60’s. Purchasing a home was no longer a pipedream as wages were adequate for most to take the leap. Unemployment was low, we were prosperous and becoming more so, and American was leading the way in the world. Of course, it wasn’t without its bad points (Civil Rights). Fast forward to the turn of the century. We had years of prosperity led by the boom in technology, which we were the leaders in innovation. Generally speaking, jobs were plentiful, and our economy, led by housing and technology, was booming. But there were also dark clouds (terrorism). The common thread here is the generations that grew up in these times separated by a whole generation is that they were spoiled. And being spoiled, they wanted more and didn’t think they had to work for it, unlike the generation that spawned them.

It seems to run in a cycle. A generation works their tails off, getting to the good life. They treat their families to the spoils, essentially spoiling them. That next generation then wants to continue being spoiled. As youths, they didn’t have to work for anything as it was all provided. Once they came of age, reality it them in the back side and they didn't like it one bit.

The generation that brought us the “flower children” lived through the "Great Depression" and lived through WWII. After beating back a world shattered by a depression and the Axis Powers, they set their sights on working hard to gain security for their families. While working hard for this security, they shielded their children from a harsh reality, which in turn gave us the spoiled generation of the 60’s

The generation that has brought us the “Occupiers” lived through the 1970s which had tough economic times, Vietnam, and Jimmy Carter. They came of age under the prosperity of Reagan and to a lesser extent, Clinton, and they wanted a better life for their families. The cycle repeated and now we have to deal with the spoiled children who now want the government to pay for their student loans and give them jobs without them making any effort.

But there is a silver lining in all this. Eventually, the flower kids grew up, had families of their own and got to work. Let us hope the cycle continues.

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  1. Oh my goodness yes...You are right....I lived in Haight-Asbury for a time, but never bought into the radical stuff that was going on then....a boomer born in 1947 and then had to work my butt off...No silver spoiled spoon here...You wrote truth in this blog and I am glad you did...
    Keep up the great work...
    Love from NC