Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heavy Thinking

Some thoughts on the brewing controversy that is surrounding GOP hopeful, Herman Cain.

Over the past six months I have been looking for a candidate that could beat Obama and was not named Mitt Romney. Because of his stances on illegal immigration, universal health care, and abortion, Romney is nothing more than Obama-lite.

There have been some possible contenders out there.

Palin teased us for a while. While I would have supported her with both guns ablazin’ I think in these divided times, she is just too polarizing. The left HATES her with every fiber of their being. Even after the vicious attacks on her ranging from her IQ level to her decision to keep her baby, an organization that purports to support women’s issues couldn’t even find the time to give even a lukewarm response in support of woman who has done it all. Career woman, raised a family, married to the same guy, things you would think NOW would get behind. But because Palin is a conservative, there wasn’t a snowballs chance in a hot place the NOW would issue even a squeak.

Christie has too many liberal stances (2nd Amendment, illegal immigration) that he never really stood a chance to gain my support. I will give credit where credit is due. He has brought NJ back from the brink with the hard choices he has made. But his non-committal to the 2nd Amendment and his stance on illegal immigration was a huge red flag for me.

Bachmann sprang from the gate rather quickly, but has faded just as fast. She won an early straw poll in Iowa, but that really shouldn’t have been a surprise as Iowa is her state of birth, and she now lives next door.

Perry is a dork and an idiot. What more can be said other than he once worked for Al Gore. But everyone makes mistakes now and then and Americans are really great at giving second chances. But he performed badly at the debates which policy articulation poor at best

Gingrich just has too much baggage and his personality grates although he is probably the smartest of the bunch when it comes to policy. Early on, I was seriously thinking about throwing my support to Gingrich and still might if Cain falters because of the allegations. Gingrich is a smart man and has mellowed over the years. So maybe?

I really had high hopes for Cain AND I STILL DO. But unless this goes away with the women omitting they lied, it is going to hang over his campaign like a dark cloud. How many times do you think the press is going to bring this up over the next year?

Those swing voters (Independents/Reagan democrats) are going to make a difference in this race. They are willing to overlook moral defects from a democrat candidate, but hold conservative candidates to a higher standard. Look at Clinton. The dude is a pig, yet Independents still voted for him. Then look at Bush the second. The press vilified him as the village idiot, but they could never question his moral fiber. They look at policy from the democrat and moral character from the conservative. If this issue does not go away the moral issue could be a deciding factor.

The liberal press is going to take great pains to destroy any candidate that looks like they could unseat "The Chosen One." Remember the questions raised about Christies's weight when he was looking like a front-runner. Little to no mention how his policies have helped NJ begin to dig out of a hole. Or how about Bachmann. They made her and her husband out to be religious kooks, never mentioning the multitudes of foster kids they have helped out over the years. This issue with Cain is going to be front and center.

I know that some of you are probably going to rake me over the coals for throwing Cain under the bus already, but please re-read my post. It’s not so much that I am casting off Cain, it just that as a party we need to stand behind someone who can defeat Obama AND matches our values. If the allegations don’t go away, Cain cannot beat Obama; the press will see to it. And as I have already pointed out Romney is not a conservative. Romney’s stances on immigration, Health Care, and abortion don’t reflect my values. I could overlook one issue and maybe even two, but not three

Your thoughts?

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  1. Righty
    Second your motion on Cain. Too darn bad it is so hard to tell who is lying.
    Bob in Boise