Sunday, November 20, 2011

Communists Out In Full Force (Sort of)

Great post and images of a teacher’s “strike” down in California. Donald over American Power posted the images. On the positive side, there was little to none of the violence that the Occupiers have become known for. On the negative side (well, other than the freedom to express their opinion) these guys are really starting to show who and what they are.

With the election of an avowed socialist as president, these guys have become much more embolden, thinking the nation is ready for their crap. Hopefully, the nation will show them that we are a nation of individual liberty, not collective socialism. But I do fear that if Obama is elected for another four years, these guys will push even harder for their agenda and things will really get out of hand.

Please don’t let apathy rule the day in Nov 2012.


  1. Righy,

    I have to take issue with you about the occupiers and violence. Yes, there has been some, but not much. The occupiers got between the violent imported ahos and their target on more than one occasion. Videos ARE available.

    MOST of the violence is perpetrated by the cops. Watch ten videos you'll see criminal cops in 10 videos. Look here daily:

    This whole program reminds me of the "Arab Spring" where the cops used violence against peaceful protesters.

    I would ask how much longer before some veterans offer a lesson to our criminals in blue?

    I think you need to spend a little time looking at Kerodin's views:


  2. I agree that these leftist clowns will push harder and harder. Bits and pieces of their true character are becoming more and more apparent. They just don't seem to grasp what their economic and living situation will actually look like if we are all even economically, with the exception of course of the people in political power that they elected.

  3. Winston, I think if you actually looked at the videos that are unedited and not for propaganda purposes, I think you'll see less cop violence and more cop reaction. There are tons on YouTube. In nearly every case, the "cop violence" is in response to an action by the protesters. Can the responses be overwhelming, most certainly, but that is what they are trained to do. Plus, if you have any knowledge of leftist tactics at these sorts of events, they are LOOKING for the violence, they want it to happen and they go out of their way to make sure it happens. If they are so peaceful, why resist arrest? If a cop tells you to get in the car, get in the car. If a cop tells you to get on the ground, get on the ground. It is for the photo/video op. And with a compliant main stream media it is fairly easy to get their point of view on the news

    But I think where many of us conservatives have gotten frustrated is that the level of violence at the occupy events is a 1000x worse than any Tea Party events, yet the media tried to paint the Tea Party as extremist and violent. Now we certainly have extremism and violence and the media brushes over it. If this had been a Tea Party event, it would have been covered like the Super Bowl.

    There have been no deaths at Tea Party events, there have been no drug overdoses, there have been no rapes or sexual assaults, there have been no one pooping on cop cars and threatening to throw Molotov cocktails into department stores and banks.

  4. Righty,

    I'll admit I've looked at so many videos I'm sick of 'em. I've seen psychopathic boyz in blue in a lot of them. I have seen damn feeble resistance for the level of violence offered by the cops. I will admit to some surprise nobody has offered these cops some tit for tat.

    I also think the Occupy movement is more than a simple gang of thugs trying to stir up trouble. When I have looked at who the occupiers are I see everything from bonehead students who can't tell the difference between democracy and marxism right on up to our own Tea Partiers as well as ever sort of perversion in between.

    So I think we need to be less dogmatic about who they are and how awful they are since they look to me like these good ole (dis)United States...a little bit of everything.


  5. Righty

    Go look at this. This is my alma mater.


  6. I agree about the cops. I posted last night on whether UC Davis' cops were justified. But the media's all over this and heads will probably roll.

  7. Winston, I think you have hit the nail on the head here. It is a wide range. And remember at the outset of the Occupy movement, it was peaceful although a bit directionalless (is that a word?). But the unions, marxist, and communist got involved and it quickly devolved. And surprisingly, even though it was kind of hard to really get a feel for what they wanted (unlike the Tea Party), a lot of Americans at least empathized with them.

    As for how the cops are handling this, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree.

    BTW: Thanks for coming by to my tiny cornor of the blogosphere.


    PACNW Righty

  8. Donald, I just am catching up on the UC Davis incidents and have seen the videos. While there are more than likley some who would disagree with the pepper spray, I really don't have an issue with it. They were told to leave, they refused, and the cops had to convince them their choice was not a good one.

    Heads are already starting to roll. Apparently, the head of the school, who ordered the cops to move the protesters out has been called to resign. The police chief has also been put on administrative leave.

  9. Winston, one more quick note. Click (or copy/paste) this link. It is a running tabluation of all the troubles that have been caused at the various Occupy locations.

    320 so far and counting.

  10. Righty,

    Thanks for that link. That page says a lot to further my viewpoint and yours that everything known to man is included in the whole show. Started with one thing, then subsumed by others. I can see no blanket statements here that truly picture the whole mess. But it DOES still strongly remind me of the "Arab Spring" events still going on.

    And so you know, I came to your site because of Patrice Lewis and have read much longer than commenting. Glad you are here.


  11. Righty,

    Just came across this. More food for thought.

    Egypt's secret police group, famous for torturing dissidents, has just renamed itself "Homeland Security" in what appears to be homage to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( "Should we be concerned that a dictatorship which refuses to bow to the will of the people and allow democratic elections to proceed while engaging in savage attacks on demonstrators is re-naming itself after America’s foremost post-9/11 federal agency?" writes Paul Joseph Watson. "Egyptian authorities are justifying their brutal crackdown against protesters, with dozens killed over the last few days, by pointing to how U.S. law enforcement bodies are taking a "firm stance" against Occupy Wall Street protesters."

    Learn more:


  12. Winston, intersting line: "Should we be concerned that a dictatorship which refuses to bow to the will of the people..." Not to hijack this discussion and send it down another path, but I seem to recall there was a bill passed back in 2009 ("We'll know what's it in when we pass it") that went against the will of the people. Kind of make syou go hmmm.