Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book Review

A few months ago I purchased Patrice Lewis’ book The Simplicity Primer through her website Rural Revolution.

In this well-written and easy to read book she lays out 365 different tips and ideas on how to simplify your life. Each tip and idea falls under one (sometimes two) of 12 different categories ranging from “Getting Personal” to “Your Daily Bread” to “It’s Easy Being Green.”

Among the many reasons why I liked this book is that its not only for those who wish to live off the grid. Most of the ideas and tips she provides could easily be implemented by those of us who live in a suburban environment and even for folks who live uptown. It is not a survivalist book chock full of how-to’s for living off the land, or shooting and dressing your own meat, or getting your cable for free. It is a book that gives you ideas on how you can take a step back, simplify your daily activities, and declutter your life.

One of my favorite chapters is where she discusses how to live greener. As she points out, it not necessary to preach the green gospel a-la OwlGore. But rather she makes a very strong case about reuse and recycle. Several of her ideas have already been implemented in our household. For example, we now shop as much as we can at second-hand stores. At first, my oldest son rejected the idea out of hand. Then he saw the collection of shirts they had hanging from the racks and now he won’t shop anywhere else for his t-shirts. This has saved us a bundle as the kid has recently shot up from 6-feet to 6’-5”. For the price of one shirt at the mall, he can walk out with a week’s worth of shirts. This one tip has already paid for the price of the book. There are many other ideas that can save you a bundle in not only funds, but your sanity.

When I contacted Patrice about ordering the book she did tell me that the book was written from a woman’s perspective. This turned out to be quite true. Heck, why not, the book is written by a woman for goodness sakes. But don’t let that discourage any of the guys who read this review from purchasing the book. There is more than enough nuggets of information for us guys in the book to justify the $14.90 cost.

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for ideas on how to cut back, even if it is just a little bit.

If you decide to order the book, please give my little blog a shout out by telling her PACNW Righty (Rob) recommends the book.

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