Saturday, December 17, 2011

News Bits For Your Enjoyment

A couple of quick news tidbits.

This guy is not a fan of FDR. He feels (and I agree) that FDR was the leading edge of the socialist movement here in the US. FDR policies were certainly not limited government. He also makes it a point to show how one of the left’s great heroes wasn’t exactly a believer in “social justice” when he force Japanese-Americans into internment camps during WW II. (h/t Director Blue)

Senate approves the payroll tax cut that also includes the Keystone XL pipeline construction approval. Obama has said he will reject the bill if it includes any Keystone language.

Some Chevy Volt news: Is GM being less than truthful when it comes to sales and production of the electric-hybrid? This article seems to think so.  And the Audi chief doesn’t think highly of the vehicle either.

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