Friday, December 23, 2011

Slow Housing Recovery

Most of you know that one of the subjects that I blog about is how the housing market is or isn’t doing.  For the most part the news has been a bit gloomy, but showing some sign of recovery, although very slowly.

But according to this clip from Breitbart TV, maybe the news isn’t so good. Link to video here.

I know that many will have the reaction that we need to get rid of the man currently occupying the White House, the sooner the better, but not all of the blame can be laid at his feet. Oh, I do blame him for the sluggishness that has taken hold of the entire economy. But the housing crisis and the slow climb out from the depths had its roots before the guy took office. Has he made it worse? Most certainly! Policies and decisions from the White House that has caused the economy to continuously falter impacts the housing market as much as the housing market impacts the economy. In a way, this is a vicious circle that, until someone does something to bump it off track, will continue for the foreseeable future.

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