Saturday, December 31, 2011

Makes Me Wonder

It really makes one wonder why minorities continue to support democrat candidates.

In a decision handed down just this past week, a US District Court judge issued a ruling that bars a voter approved referendum from listing on ballots the party the affiliation of candidates running for office.

The reason given for the suit was that without the party of the candidate listed on the ballot, minority voters would not know who to vote for.

The organizations that filed or supported the suit are all left-wing and progressive. In other words, they vote democrat.

All my life, I have never had an issue identifying my candidate of choice and I don’t need to have a party affiliation listed next to their name for me to place the “check-mark” next to their name. But maybe I am usual in that I actually do some research and can identify a candidate not by their party but by what they stand for.

It is a crying shame that the people who run the democrat party really have such a low opinion of a minority being able to gather information and make an informed decision. Based on the ruling and it sure seem like they are saying that minorities are too stupid to read and review a candidate’s platform and make a decision based on whether or not they can support a candidate’s ideals.

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  1. Oh how true...Wayne Perrman from the PACNW is a great Black man who does the digging into the things of the past and has great things to say to the black people about what lies they have believed. He also shows through HISTORY that it was NOT THE DEM. party that worked for them, but the REPUBLICAN party and the many, many people who put their lives in danger to help the slaves and on up to the truth is out and even now, most don't want to believe...His videos are out there on the web to see...Hopefully people will watch and see and study for themselves...
    Just sayin'
    Love from NC