Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is Fast And Furious Just the Tip?

Several links that discuss possible links between Eric Holder and the Oklahoma City bomber, Tim McVeigh. As I read through the links and the articles, I was troubled for two reasons.

First, while this might paint me as naïve, I do have troubles trying to wrap my hands around a conspiracy this large. Is it really possible that people within our own government would be so calloused and evil as to assist someone with plans to kill US citizen for purely political gain? As more information comes out about Fast and Furious (F&F), it does seem more and more likely that the people mentioned in the articles would use any means necessary to achieve their ultimate goals. Maybe that is why so many people on the left actually believe that Bush and Cheney lead us to war just for the oil profits. Would Eric Holder really be so uncaring of human life that he would be willing to sacrifice his fellow citizen just to inflame the narrative against the extreme right?

Secondly, I am troubled by the lack of supporting evidence. The articles do provide a lot of information on which they base their suppositions. But several key documents have been pulled and are no longer available for review. The authors of the linked post do make it clear that some of the documents they used as background are no longer readily available, but they do stand behind their story. Of course, in the initial stages of the F&F case, much of what was said was mostly tying together some very loose information, easily denied or dismissed. But as time has gone along and more evidence is released, it has become quite apparent that F&F is more than just guessing and crazy-talk by a bunch of right-wingers in a cabin in Montana. In the case of F&F, there was smoke, and it led to fire. Could we be looking at the same thing here? Time will tell.

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