Sunday, December 4, 2011

Occupy and Tea Party Align

File this under “eventually we can all agree on something”. Recently I posted about how the Mayor of Richmond, VA has initiated an audit process against the Richmond Tea Party. What triggered the Mayor’s ire was an invoice sent to the city requesting that funds the Tea Party group used to pay for toilets and trash collection be reimbursed. The Tea Party figured that since the Occupy Richmond group got all of these services for free, why shouldn’t the Tea Party.

Now it seems that all of the stars and planets have aligned, if only for a brief moment. The Occupy Richmond group has released a statement in support of the Richmond Tea Party:

After the city accused the Richmond Tea Party of being overdue on tax filings, Occupy Richmond issued a statement saying “it would not surprise us” if the move was “retaliation” for the Tae Party’s criticism of Mayor Dwight Jones. […] “The Tea Party and Occupy movements disagree on many, many issues,” Occupy Richmond’s Thursday statement said. “This should not stop all Americans from proudly standing together against government abuses.” (Source: Big Government) (Emphasis BG’s)

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when word of this reached the Major’s office. Using a term that my younger teenaged son might use, I’m sure the dude had a cow. “Those ungrateful ingrates. I paid for their toilets (didn’t want them pooping on my cop cars), I gave them trash collection, I gave them a place to set up their tents, I even offered them showers. And this is how they repay me!? Anybody got any pepper spray?”

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  1. A bit off topic perhaps, but look at all three videos in this piece. The Rethuglicans have smoked the same stuff as the Demoncraps. ALL who support this have committed treason.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Then tell me just how precious your right wing traitors are.