Friday, January 27, 2012

Combined Green Effort

I am what you might call a responsible environmentalist. I do believe that we should use the resources on earth in a manner that is efficient, but does not interfere with growth and progress. I am also a fan of letting the free-market dictate how and when various kinds of environmental and energy programs are used and implemented.

I like recycling. We are huge recyclers in the PACNW Righty household. We fill up the huge bin completely every two weeks. We recycle so well that the trash can is normally only half full on pick up days.

SIDENOTE: A couple of my more liberal neighbors (Obama stickers on their Prius) don’t recycle at all. When I ask them about it they say it takes too much effort to separate out the recycles from the trash. I have even offered to show them my methods, but it is too much of a bother for them. I wonder who has a smaller carbon foot print. Me and my recycling? Or them and their Prius? Considering the energy it takes to make aluminum and paper from scratch I think I might have a leg up on them, so to speak.

When I see something like the efforts made in this linked article, I must applaud these folks on their efforts. Seems that a dairy farmer north of Seattle has developed, with the help of the state and the local Tulalip Tribe, a method of capturing waste and turning it into usable energy. Not only that, he is also using expired food products to feed his milk cows, further reducing waste in the landfill.

What an awesome idea. Even better, groups that could be at the opposite end of the spectrum, environment-wise, came together and worked out a solution that benefits all parties. The farmer gets to keep his farm and make a little extra money on the side, the Tulalip Tribe sees a better salmon fishery, and the greenies get to see energy produced from a renewable resource.

Win, Win. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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