Tuesday, January 24, 2012

El Presidente Obama

Ran across an interesting article on whether this election could be our last if President Obama should win a second term. Please read the article and then read my post. I also recommend you bookmark this site.

Over the past three years as I have watched President Obama with an obviously critical eye, a nagging feeling has been scratching at the back of my mind.

Would President Obama either try to make the 2012 elections null and void if he lost or, if he won, would he takes steps to ensure that he never had to step down, ala FDR (his hero BTW)?

President for Life?

Before you all start sending me tinfoil for my conspiracy hat, please hear me out.

When was the last time a president has acted in such a unilateral manner as to make the US Constitution nearly useless? He has made appointments to his cabinet under what could best be described as a little under-handed. Rather than let the “People’s House” (Congress) decide how best to handle so-called global warming, he has given immense powers to the EPA to control how pollutants are legislated. His Obama Care legislation has provisions within it that dictate that your inactions, once previously never really discussed or legislated, are indeed under their control.

Obama and his group are well aware that America, while somewhat receptive to pieces of his message, are not the Sal Alinsky Marxists that he wishes we were. He is also well aware that many of the programs he wishes to institute would not be popular with anyone outside radical, leftist base (Obama Care was, is, and never will be popular with the vast majority of Americans).

So what is a guy to do who wishes to reshape America to his desired state? He wants total government control of nearly everything we say and do. He has been a supporter of various bills that would hamper free speech on the internet (goodbye PACN Righty) under the guise of copyright protections. He has appointed two justices to the SCOTUS that could be best described as “to the left.” And he has stated many times his desire to reshape and remake America.

It has always been clear to me that he and his cabal do not respect and barely even acknowledge the ordinary American, other than to use them as props in his ongoing class-warfare operation. Plus he has wielded his Executive Orders privileges like Paul Bunyan clear-cutting a forest.

What is really surprising to me is that the 2012 election is actually a contest, at least according to the lame stream media. I do realize there are people in this country who really think Obama is the cat’s meow and that his plans for our great nation are exactly what these America-haters really want. But really, how many of these kinds of people can there be? It is truly amazing what a compliant media can still achieve

Folks, I don’t think there has ever been a time when an election has meant so much to decide the direction of this country. Do we turn in the direction of Europe, with their sky-high debt, little to no economic growth, and stagnant, choking joblessness? Haven’t we already had a taste of this over the past three years? Is this what we really want? With growth rates at or below 2% and joblessness staying above 8.5% we are already like Europe. Is this really a good choice?

Or do we shift back, with a focus on individual liberty and smaller government, to what has made us the greatest nation that planet has ever seen? Do we continue to perpetuate the warfare state and demonize those who achieve success? Or do we celebrate the individual and encourage him or her to go out and make their way?

If we elect this man once more, the changes to our nation may be so devastating that it will soon not be recognizable as the beacon of freedom that it has become to be known.

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