Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Something to Consider

From time to time I use a link from Doug Ross’s Director Blue for the basis of a blog post. When I do this, I do my best to ensure that he gets credit for a hat tip (h/t). I also spend time reading the stuff he posts.

Today I ran across a post that is a must read for all of you out there. In this post he describes what he thinks is the “Most Audacious Armed Robbery in History.” And while the title of his post might just a bit over the top, what he has to say and the points that he makes are certainly NOT over the top.

The very finally point that he makes in his post is something that you all should seriously contemplate. If you are not a supporter of Mitt Romney (and I am not), Newt Gingrich (leaning a little), Rick Santorum (I do like), or Ron Paul (A little too crazy on foreign policy), you need to consider the alternative if Obama gets another four years. During this primary season, support your candidate with everything you have. But once the primaries are done and the GOP nominee has been selected, DON’T sit on your butts in protest come November just because the candidate might not be your first (or even second) choice. At the risk of repeating myself: Consider the alternative.

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