Sunday, August 7, 2011

Carter Appointee Recommends Dam Removal

A federal judge in Portland, OR has ruled that efforts to protect the PACNW salmon runs have been inadequate and a new approach needs to be looked at. A possible approach might be the removal of some dams.

Could it be that US District Court Judge James Redden, a Jimmy Carter appointee, has a “green” agenda? I understand that wild salmon runs have been depleted to very low levels. In fact, there are some streams that once had salmon runs that stopped running years ago. But how can someone who probably supports green initiatives be suggesting that it would be a good thing to eliminate one of the cleanest sources of energy productions, hydro-electric power? It sometimes boggles the mind how people with left leaning tendencies continually talk out both sides of their mouths when it comes to the green movement.

Greenies support massive solar power development, yet block construction of solar plants in the California desert. Greenies support building windmill farms, yet fight the building of these farms. Greenies want clean, renewable generated power, yet support the removal of dams that generate this clean power.

Sometimes the greenies are their own worst enemy.

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