Friday, August 19, 2011

A Liberal's Favorite GOP

So, do you want to know why John Huntsman and Mitt Romney get good reviews from the press? How about this one here? Apparently Huntsman has taken a hearty swig from the same pitcher of Kool-Aid that OwlGore has sipped from. Maybe they even shared a glass.

On Thursday Huntsman, a GOP candidate for the presidential nomination, tweeted “To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”

OK, you are crazy. Global warming is NOT scientific fact. There is NOT a consensus among scientist that global warming is occurring.

Let’s backtrack a bit to the first part of his tweet. He is a believer in evolution. Not a real big deal in my opinion. I am a born-again Christian who really doesn’t have a dog in this fight. Whether we were created as the Bible says we were (man from the mud and woman from a rib), or if we descended from a single cell organisms it is not tripping point for me. However man and the universe were created (the Big Band 4+ billion years ago or 6,000+ years ago over six days), God was the Creator. Of this I have no doubt. So if a GOP candidate is not stuck on one creation path or another is not one of those minus marks I would give to a candidate.

A big minus mark will be added to a candidate if he believes in man-caused Global Warming. If you believe in creation or evolution, chances are you are not going to implement policy to make either belief official. But if you are an advocate of man-cause global warming, you will most likely put into motions actions to overcome this “problem.” President Obama is a believer in global warming and has attempted to put plans into motion to “solve the problem.” His cap and trade failed because he and Congress didn’t want to pass another piece of legislation that goes against what the majority of American want (like he did with health care). So now he is using the EPA to do his bidding. Huntsman would do the same thing. I’d bet he’d keep Jackson as the head of the EPA.

Is it any wonder that Romney and Huntsman receive glowing reports from a leftist media? Romney has his health care plan from back when he was a governor plus his wishy-washy stance on abortion. Add Huntsman to the very short list of leftist media GOP favorite guys.

If you need a few examples of the leftist media’s fondness for Huntsman, look no further than article linked above.

John Huntsman has finally cut through the din to get noticed, and how he accomplished this is notable in two ways. One, he did it through Twitter. And two, he expressed views that are completely unremarkable – except in a Republican primary.

The Huntsman tweet powerfully reinforced his campaign positioning as the reasonable adult in the field, the only one who supported the congressional debt deal worked out by House Speaker John Boehner, the one who doesn’t temper his support for same-sex civil unions or acceptance of the scientific consensus that the climate is changing for man-made reasons. The “call me crazy” part of it could be read as calling other candidates crazy for rejecting evolution and climate change – an example of Huntsman’s sharper edge in his quest for traction. (Source: The Daily Beast) (Emphasis: PACNW Righty’s)

In these two highlighted paragraphs the writer has told me that because I don’t believe in man-caused global warming (and evolution) that my views are remarkable. Why is that? Are my views so radical that it makes it remarkable? Then the writer goes on to tell me there is only one adult in the whole Republican field. Typical lefty! You conservatives are so stupid and immature that you need smart people like me to tell you how to live your life and how to wipe your noses.

And you just have to read the fawning article at Vogue. It was something to behold. It was almost as if the magazine was trying to convince liberals to vote for Huntsman. Maybe they were.

Good grief. I am sure glad that I have leftist news organizations to tell me who the best GOP candidate is. I don’t know how would ever survive or even get to the store to buy a loaf of bread if it wasn’t for the journalist telling me why I am all screwed up.


  1. A caller to a radio program yesterday here in Boise raised two things that may contribute to weather change:
    1. Urban building/concrete/asphalt (heard this before)
    2. Preponderance of crop circles/irrigated farmland that puts a ton on moisture in the air
    As a trained weather guesser could you comment on this?
    Keep up the good work.
    Boise Anon

  2. Boise Anon, you raise a couple of interesting points. I do think that I will blog about it in the next couple of days. Both items you mention can be considered climate modifiers to a degree.