Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Gloves are Still On

About a week ago I blogged about how the leftist media is going to treat John Huntsman with kid gloves over the next several months as the quest for the nomination for the GOP presidential candidate heats up. Huntsman has many of the traits that liberal love. He is an avowed global warming alarmist, he supports gays marriage (or at the very least, civil unions), plus a few other positions that are palatable to the left. In many ways, he is just like Mitt Romney. Basically, these guys are GOPers liberal love.

Over the course of the next few months you are going to hear that Huntsman and/or Romney are the only two GOP candidates that are even remotely electable. Who is going to tell you this? Why the oh so much smarter that you media of course. They will waste countless hours telling you how evil Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann is. They will point out that Palin has a family that might be a little less than perfect. Or that Bachmann’s husband might be a little weird. But you will be hard pressed to find much from the liberal media about Romney’s failed socialist medicine in has adopted home state of Mass. They will also be sure to bury Huntsman whole global warming beliefs.

“It’s an axiom that the mainstream media is liberal,” Krauthammer said. “Huntsman is a liberal’s idea of what a Republican ought to be. He is a moderate in the race. He is at 1 percent. I suspect anyone a 1 percent argues that numbers don’t matter, but of course they do. He will have to emerge or not be around.”

As Perry surges to the lead in the polls, I think you are going to see efforts to derail Perry’s campaign coming at him from two angles. The first angle will be to continually pound him for his supposed “extremist” views. Of course, most of his views are very similar to the majority of Americans, but hey, we’re just stupid hayseeds from the sticks in the eyes of the media. The second angle will be to continually plus up Romney’s campaign. If there is a slip up, not to worry, the mainstream media will ignore it unless there is something to be gained.


  1. Most of the "brilliant media" started out as hayseeds as well, but forgot to recognize where they came from...And all due to the socialist/communist liberal colleges they spent time learning from...
    And not sure if Perry is the right person either...May be too tied to political for me. Time will tell.....Not sure I trust anything any of them say...
    Just me in dry dry NC...No hurricane wetness this far in from the coast...

  2. Ron Paul. Anybody ever heard of him?? Of course not, he's not on TV every ten seconds and it would be just horrid if somebody did some actual reasearch into a Presidential Candidate.

  3. YES,Carolyn, I have heard of Ron Paul...Friends, S & J, here in High Point, NC love him and really are trying to get all their friends to vote for him...